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Boro Primary School Grades 3-5

Ethiopia 881 beneficiaries

Boro Primary School is in the very rural villages of Kokosa, Bensa, Ethiopia. There are currently 881 students attending this school.

$7,080 needed (99%)
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Escuela Jose Trinidad

Honduras 20 beneficiaries

Childhood health and well being are linked to the success they have in school. School children, who have access to clean drinking water and have adequate sanitation, increase their ability to learn as their health is not compromised by the devastating effects of water borne diseases. Good health is as essential to education as are text books. This project will provide clean water, sanitation, and hygiene education for Escuela Jose Trinidad located in Trojes, Honduras. It will have a direct impact on an estimated 20 school-aged children and their families. For years to come, the new students will have safe water to drink, a latrine to use, and hygiene lessons to learn. For students leaving school, the lessons they learned will carry with them through life. This school will be provided with a complete package of clean water, sanitation, hygiene education, teacher training and additional trainings that will cover hand washing, protecting water sources, menstrual hygiene, and personal hygiene.

$1,603 needed (58%)
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Katebee Primary School

Uganda 377 beneficiaries

Katebee Primary School is located in Rwandama Village, Nabiswera Subcounty, Nakasongola District, Uganda. 

$3,300 needed (100%)
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Lunguma Primary School

Uganda 594 beneficiaries

Lunguma Primary School is located in Lobule which is a large refugee camp on the western side of Uganda. It is near the border of South Sudan and the Congo. The school population consists of 288 girls and 306 boys who are all local Ugandan children. All of these students are in urgent need of clean water.

$3,700 needed (96%)
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Mawira Primary School

Mozambique 440 beneficiaries

Mawira Primary School is located in the village of Mawira in Tete Province, Mozambique, which is in the southeastern part of Africa. Mawira is on the road between Tete City and Zobue and is about 45-50 km from the border near Tete City. This part of Mozambique is far from any major cities and is very rural, with the primary occupation being subsistence farming.

$6,969 needed (87%)
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Nasaruni Academy Water Catchment/Latrines

Kenya 120 beneficiaries

In a little hut, in a little village, Alice Sayo was born into a large Maasai family. Through efforts of her mother and elder brother she was able to attend school and became a teacher. Her passion is to give other Maasai girls the chance for a brighter future. Without the opportunity to attend school, Maasai girls are married at a young age, and their opportunities are limited. Alice attended a teacher exchange program in the United States through the US State Department and convinced the teachers and students of James Madison University, VA to support her dream of creating a school for Masaai girls.  Nasaruni Academy for Maasai Girls is the beginning of her dream. As Nasaruni grows, other donors, have helped support the school. H2O for Life staff and volunteers have visited the school, and see the potential that Nasaruni is bringing to the surrounding Maasai communities. We are proud to support this school through our partnerships with you!

$3,034 needed (46%)
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Padrombu Primary School

Uganda 1550 beneficiaries

Padrombu Primary School is located in Lobule sub-County, Koboko District. The school has a population of 1550 students. This area has a high population of refugees, both South Sudanese and Congolese. 

$3,850 needed (100%)
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Amuria Primary School

Uganda 200 beneficiaries

Amuria Primary School is located in an area approximately 10 kilometers from town in the Amuria district in the northeastern part of Uganda. The school has an enrollment of 200 students and teachers with a total area population of 3,460,000 people. Many of these people are displaced from land conflicts in the region and many families live in temporary housing situations or send their children to live at school or by themselves near the school because they have no permanent home. 

Fully pledged!
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Arenas Blancas

Nicaragua 176 beneficiaries

Project Proposal: New latrines and handwashing station.

$1,960 needed (91%)
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