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Gamachu Primary School GRADE 5

Ethiopia 103 beneficiaries

The Gamachu School is located in the rolling hills of West Arsi Ethiopia. Most children help their parents take care of cows, sheep, goats, chickens, and horses. School students walk to school–there are no cars in this part of the country. The kids are eager to go to school and their parents like sending their kids to school. It’s not like that in every community nearby, but at Gamachu School, student enrollment is increasing.

$2,233 needed (79%)
H2oforlife 148

Kibera Schools


Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO) has today announced the expansion of Africa’s first aerial water piping system for less privileged communities in partnership with Safaricom Foundation. The partnership aims to scale up the provision of clean and accessible water to 84,000 people in the informal settlement of Kibera, most of whom have been forced to rely on predatory private water vendors for their daily water needs.

$3,500 needed (32%)
H2oforlife 307

Lwabyata Secondary School


Lwabyata Secondary School is located in the dry cattle corridor of Nakasongola in Central Uganda.

$7,525 needed (88%)
H2oforlife 273

Ogangai Kidetok Primary School


Project Proposal: New Water Well

$3,350 needed (87%)
H2oforlife 224

School for the Physically Challenged, Yenagoa

Nigeria 546 beneficiaries

Located in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State

$2,000 needed (30%)
H2oforlife 131

South Sudan School 5 (2017)

South Sudan

Project Proposal: New water well

$4,547 needed (55%)
H2oforlife 132

South Sudan School 6 (2017)

South Sudan

Project proposal: New water well

$5,530 needed (67%)
H2oforlife 234

UPE Nursery and Primary School, Ovom

Nigeria 630 beneficiaries

Located in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State

$6,980 needed (93%)
H2oforlife 5

Abundant Grace Junior School

Uganda 40 beneficiaries

This school just opened in 2016, but there is no water source at the school for students or staff. The students fetch water from a “traditional well” – a dug pit in the ground that 200 other community members also rely on for water each day, and in the dry season, water supply is limited. The water is polluted, surrounded by dense vegetation, and located at the bottom of a steep slope. For these young primary school students, fetching water is dangerous and takes them away from time spent learning in class.

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