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Githunguchu Primary School

Kenya 323 beneficiaries

There are 166 girls, 143 boys and 14 teachers at Githunguchu Primary School in desperate need of a water and sanitation intervention. The climate is classified as semi-arid tropics with two rainy seasons, March-May and November–December.

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Nasaruni Academy Water Catchment/Latrines

Kenya 120 beneficiaries

In a little hut, in a little village, Alice Sayo was born into a large Maasai family. Through efforts of her mother and elder brother she was able to attend school and became a teacher. Her passion is to give other Maasai girls the chance for a brighter future. Without the opportunity to attend school, Maasai girls are married at a young age, and their opportunities are limited. Alice attended a teacher exchange program in the United States through the US State Department and convinced the teachers and students of James Madison University, VA to support her dream of creating a school for Masaai girls.  Nasaruni Academy for Maasai Girls is the beginning of her dream. As Nasaruni grows, other donors, have helped support the school. H2O for Life staff and volunteers have visited the school, and see the potential that Nasaruni is bringing to the surrounding Maasai communities. We are proud to support this school through our partnerships with you!

$2,034 needed (31%)
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Gidagadi Secondary School

Kenya 97 beneficiaries

Clean Water, New Toilets, New Hand-washing stations and Hygiene Training. Gidagadi Secondary School just opened three years ago in the end of 2014. It opened for the same reason many secondary schools do; students from the primary school needed a place to continue their education. It currently has an enrollment of 90 students who are taught by five teachers. The school also employs two support staff.Students arrive as early as 6:30am to clean their classrooms and pick up the school grounds. Study hall begins at 7:30am and is followed by normal classes before lunch. The school cook prepare a mixture of beans and maize so that students don’t have to walk all the way back home.There are afternoon classes and then an hour of sports and games until students are released at 5pm.

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Namarambi Primary School

Kenya 455 beneficiaries

Namarambi Primary School started in 2009 because of a partnership between the local community and the Muslim Supreme Council. It was first just a kindergarten located inside the mosque. In 2010, pupils needed to move up to class one, but there was no other school nearby. That is when the school started growing.In 2013, four mud-walled classrooms were constructed in order to accommodate classes five to eight. Due to the growing number of students, the mosque compound could not be enough for the school operations and as a result, the school management acquired land next to the mosque so that they could operate independently. They have started construction of two more classrooms that will be occupied by next year, 2019.

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Shikusa Primary School

Kenya 486 beneficiaries

Shikusa Primary School began in 1996 with a total population of 10 pupils and two teachers under a tree. It was started by prison officers at Shikusa Maximum Prison who wanted their children to receive an education without having to travel long distances to the urban center.The school is situated inside the prison. The area is very green. It is the largest prison in Western Kenya and its wards produce maize crops at a large scale, supplying maize grains to all of the other prisons in Kakamega County.The school is now accessible to all community members, even if they are not staff at the prison. In fact, 60% of the students enrolled are from the outside community.

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