Givudemesi Primary School

Kenya 306 beneficiaries

Founded in 1992, Givudemesi Primary School has never had a water source on campus. Instead, it relies on students bringing water from home – but where they collect their “home” water varies.(Some photos pre-date the pandemic.)

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Kabinjari Primary School

Kenya 446 beneficiaries

Established in 1975 under the sponsorship of the Pentecostal Assemblies of God Church, Kabinjari Primary School has never had a water source or even a water storage container to its name. We plan to help change that.(Please note that some photos pre-date the pandemic)

$1,300 needed (22%)

Ebukhayi Primary School

Kenya 515 beneficiaries

Ebukhayi Primary School was established by community parents in 1998. It was taken over by the government in 2013 when primary education was mandated free. With the additional government funding, the school population grew from 84 students to the 515 students it has today.Students learn mathematics, English, Kiswahili, science, religion, and social studies. There are extracurricular clubs, such as scouting and a young farmers club, that meet each Tuesday afternoon.The students arrive at school at 7 am when they start general cleaning chores. The students also use this time to go to the river that’s about one kilometer away. Some also bring water from home in the morning. They use some of this water to clean the classrooms before classes start at 8 am. They break for lunch at 12:40 pm and resume afternoon classes at 2 pm.

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Ematiha Secondary School

Kenya 432 beneficiaries

Ematiha Secondary School, located in western Kenya, first opened its doors to 27 students in 2001. It has steadily grown to have 263 students attending classes in five classrooms.We first arrived at Ematiha Secondary School in the afternoon when it was very sunny. We met the security guard at the school gate who led me to his office to sign in first before being let inside. We walked to the school offices where we met the deputy principal, who gave us a warm welcome and proceeded to give us a tour.

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Gimomoi Primary School

Kenya 349 beneficiaries

Though it is one of the oldest schools in the area, established in 1982 by the Salvation Army Church, Gimomoi has retained a small student body due to having no source of water on campus. Most parents have avoided admitting their students into the school for fear of their children being sent to go fetch water at a community spring or, worse, open sources.(Some photos pre-date the pandemic.)

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Muhaya Secondary School

Kenya 197 beneficiaries

Founded in 2006 under the Church of God Kenya’s sponsorship, Muhaya Secondary School has gradually grown in both student population and academic achievements, including co-curricular activities such as scouting. But the school’s severe clean water shortage is stopping it, and its students, from reaching their full potential.(Some photos were taken pre-pandemic.)

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Mwikhupo Primary School

Kenya 446 beneficiaries

Mwikhupo Primary School was started in the year 2010 by the Church of God -which is the sponsor of the school. The school began with poor, mud-walled structures. The school approached the member of parliament who put up a few classes in the school using Community Development Funds. Pupils are expected to be in school by 6:45 am especially class seven and eight pupils. They embark on morning preps until 7:30 am and the pupils are given twenty minutes for cleaning. Sometimes it takes more time because they have to run to the river to fetch water to clean the toilets . Normal classes start at 8:00am to 9:45, then they take 20 minutes break. The next lesson starts at 10:05 am to 10:50am and then the pupils break for 10 minutes. Classes resume at 11:00 am to 12:30 when they break for lunch.Teachers, class eight and seven pupils take their lunch at school while the rest go home for lunch. They have three lessons in the afternoon which start at 2:00pm to 3:45 pm - then they then break for games where pupils do different activities according to the clubs within the school. After games pupils go back back to class for evening prep which takes about 30 minutes then they are released to go home and assist their parents.The school has a well-trained football (soccer) team which has won many trophies in the zonal competitions.

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Nasaruni Academy: Teacher Facilities

Kenya 134 beneficiaries

The Nasaruni Academy for Maasai Girls has been in operation for 13 years. Narok is located in the heart of the Maasai population- the largest number of Maasai people in one area. Nasaruni serves a very rural area that is dotted with family Maasai manyattas that live a typical Maasai life as extended family units. Until recent years, most Maasai girls were not attending school. Nasaruni Academy began with one small building serving 13 girl students. The school has grown, adding classes to grade 8, and now serves over 120 students. Young Maasai girls are often married off at a young age, and without an education do not have the knowledge and skills that lead to educational opportunities. By providing access to school, these girls are able to participate in education and will soon have access to a new secondary school currently being built on the campus. Girls will continue their education through high school and be better prepared for the future. Nasaruni Academy is helping girls and their families write a new future full of hope, health and empowerment to lead to success.  For the school to attract high-quality teachers who will remain on-site for multiple years, teacher facilities must be addressed. 

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Wavoka Primary School

Kenya 460 beneficiaries

Wavoka Primary School was established in 1996 under the sponsorship of the community. The parents’ push for its establishment was due to the increasing number of accidents their children were involved in while crossing the busy Malava-Kabrengu highway as they covered long distances to other schools. Wavoka Primary was built to counter these incidents, and later the International Pentecostal Holiness Church stepped in as a sponsor. This community has always been motivated and dedicated to improving their children’s education in whatever way they can, but they have reached stagnation in trying to help solve their water crisis. We plan to help get this goal – and the water – flowing.

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