Cheptuli Primary School

Kenya 668 beneficiaries

Cheptuli Primary School started in 1988 as an initiative of the community because other schools were located far away. A family donated part of the land for the school. The first headteacher was posted in that very year and the community initially built mud classrooms. In 2006, the first classroom was constructed, and 6 more were added in 2001.  Nearby community members rely on sugarcane farming as their primary source of income. Some members are casual laborers at the Butali Sugar Factory. The 668 students and staff of Cheptuli Primary School struggle to access sufficient water to meet their basic needs. If worrying about their daily water needs wasn't enough, their water source options pose significant safety risks.

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Ebwambwa Secondary School 2

Kenya 706 beneficiaries

Ebwambwa Secondary School was established in 2010 after a land and classroom donation from the primary school section. The first class had 7 students, and since then the population has grown to around 700. 

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Emukaba Primary School

Kenya 730 beneficiaries

Emukaba Primary School is located on the outskirts of Kakamega town. The school is a few kilometers from the main road that leads to town. The area is relatively flat, with intense agricultural activities on the farms. The site has also attracted town dwellers who are trying to establish homes in the village.The school started in the year 1994 as a community school. The first class was hosted under a tree. In the year 1996, the government posted the first headteacher. The community contributed materials and built mud classes. The government development fund lifted the face of the school through the construction of modern classrooms.

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Lukala Secondary School

Kenya 386 beneficiaries

Lukala Secondary School was established in the year 2005. It began in the primary school section under the leadership of Mr Simon Wasimbi, who was then the primary school's headmaster. It started with 15 students being housed in temporary structures as classrooms. The school office was shared by both the primary and the secondary sections. The school was registered officially by the Ministry of Education in 2008 and had a new principal -  Mr. Ronald Makhanu. Contributions from the community members led to the construction of four classrooms. The Ministry of Education then came in with two more classrooms. The school received a grant that enabled them to construct a laboratory. Constituency Development Funds aided in the construction of two more classrooms.  The students perform averagely in this school.

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St. Gerald Sasala Primary School

Kenya 515 beneficiaries

St Gerald Sasala Primary School is a public school sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Kakamega. The school is located in Kakamega County at Malava Sub County. The school started in January 2001 to cater to needy children. It began with three classrooms with a nursery, standard one and two (classes). At it's start, the school had a total of 27 pupils, three teachers, and one cook. Currently, the school is among the best top primary schools in Kakamega County. The school has an enrollment of 515 pupils with 21 teachers.

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Water for Nasaruni Girls – 2024

Kenya 200+ beneficiaries

For over 10 years, Nasaruni has been nurturing girls from the surrounding and far-reaching rural villages. They have grown to graduate from primary school, and now we built a high school so that they can keep to school. Parents have come to truly embrace the education at Nasaruni because it supports their cultural values and traditions in so many tangible and real ways. Nasaruni girls celebrate Maasai culture through dance, language, beadwork, food, and folktales. Most importantly, the parents in the community chose the values of the school themselves so that they trust Nasaruni to raise their daughters. Nasaruni Academy is helping girls and their families to write a new future full of hope, health, empowerment and success. Started by a local Maasai woman and her husband, the Academy and Secondary School are providing a chance for education to over 200 girls currently.Nasaruni Academy is situated 9km west of Narok, in the southwestern region of Kenya. According to Moses Sayo, School Director, the Nasaruni community is predominantly Maasai, who are pastoralists with some sporadic practice of small-scale farming. The area surrounding the school consists of approximately 7000 families. Some of the main challenges faced include the illiteracy rates and poverty. If you come to Narok and turn down a dusty, pot-holed road outside of town, you will travel 1 kilometer past ramshackle sheds and smiling shop clerks…  to find a magical place where dreams come true, laughter and serious study unite. Here, girls are nourished, educated, and thoroughly transformed as they grow into young women of purpose and confidence in the Maasai community. Welcome to Nasaruni Academy for Maasai Girls in Narok, Kenya!

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