Kabukunga RC Primary School

Uganda 400 beneficiaries

Kabukunga Primary School educates 400 students in the Kalagi community.  The students currently lack access to the most critical of "school supplies": Clean water. 

$1,800 needed (100%)

Pakeyo Health Center


The Pakeyo Health Center is a busy facility that sees more than fifty patients a day and currently does not have a source of running water. Before the clinic opens one of the staff members walks to fetch water from a well, but it is a long walk and it is usually just a few hours into the day when the water runs out. This leaves the sick patients with no water to drink, use with medications, wash their hands or even rinse out the one cup they all share. 

$3,500 needed (100%)

St. Kizito Nankonge Primary School

Uganda 400 beneficiaries

After the pipes at the St. Kizito Nankonge Primary School borehole developed holes, the 400 students and community members who relied on its abundant water supply began to have difficulties when using the handpump. Now that the well has completely broken down, its users have been forced to return to a protected spring that is made dangerous not only by the contamination of its water, but also by the busy road traffic, steep slope, and dense vegetation along the route. By bringing in a crew to repair the broken parts of the St. Kizito Nankonge borehole, upgrading its materials to stainless steel, and working with the community's leaders to train them in how to care for it, we will restore this safe and reliable water source for the 400 students and community members and prevent similar problems from occurring in the future.

$1,000 needed (100%)

Run4Water - 11 Ugandan WASH Projects

Uganda 5111 beneficiaries

Endurance athlete Katie Spotz is back at it again, pushing the human body to its limits to defeat one of the world's oldest problems: the water crisis. Over the span of just 11 days, Katie will run across Ohio to raise enough money to provide clean, safe drinking water to more than 5,000 people in 11 communities in Uganda, East Africa that need it most. A broken borehole well sits at the center of each of these communities, while health clinics, schools, and community centers in the surrounding areas go without on-site water access. Each day of Katie's 11 day run will mark 1 Ugandan community being freed from waterborne illness and poverty through two clean water projects: the rehabilitation of its borehole well and the installation of a rainwater collection system at one of the community's most-used buildings. By supporting Katie's herculean effort to equip 11 communities with convenient, abundant, and safe clean water access, you will unlock improved health, education, safety, and wellbeing for thousands of people across Uganda. 

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