Mwanzi Primary School

Tanzania 234 beneficiaries

Mwanzi Primary is a nursery through standard-seven government school located in Kilolo district of Iringa, Tanzania. The school has an enrollment of 227 students (126 girls/101 boys) and 7 teachers/staff members. As with many villages and schools in Iringa, the lack of safe water for Mwanzi School is a major problem. 

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Huruma Centre Orphanage

Tanzania 66 beneficiaries

Huruma Centre is part of the Iringa Diocese Charity Center for vulnerable children. Huruma is a children's home in Iringa, Tanzania which provides a safe home, nutrition, and education for children who have no family or others to care for them. Huruma has a total of 66 children who live at the centre. There are 4 dormitories for the 29 boys and 37 girls (2 each) where the children stay with matrons. These buildings have been updated and include modern toilets. Access to water is the most important issue they face in order to keep their dormitories clean and safe for the children.The Centre built a daycare on the property that provides services for families in the local community which generates some income to help them with expenses. Instead of purchasing food they invested in livestock and they cultivate crops/vegetables to provide food for themselves. They also sell food to the local community to generate additional income. They are a living example of the age-old saying “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

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Ikuvilo Primary School

Tanzania 557 beneficiaries

Ikuvilo Primary School is located in Ikuvilo village, Iringa rural district approximately 25 Kilometers from Iringa town. There are 549 students ranging from pre-primary to standard 7 who are educated by 8 teachers/staff members.

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Kitelewasi Secondary School

Tanzania 547 beneficiaries

Kitelewasi Secondary School is located in the village of Lundamatwe. There are currently 547 students enrolled at the school and 30 teachers/staff members. The school has two dormitories for girls and a small kitchen on the campus. Most of the teachers live on the campus as well. The school is currently expanding due to the increase of children in the village. Our implementing partner, St. Paul Partners (SPP), visited the school to assess their water needs after the Lundamatwe Lutheran Pastor informed SPP of their plan to create a water system from an old hand pump well that was currently not operational.

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Makwema School

Tanzania 340 beneficiaries

Makwema School is located in Lukani village within the Kilolo district. It is 65 KM's away from Iringa town. The school has a total of 340 students from form one to form four and has 25 staff/teachers. Makwema is a boarding school, students, staff and their families are living around the school compound.

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Mawambala Primary School

Tanzania 873 beneficiaries

Mawambala Primary School is a government school located in Kilolo district, which currently has 859 students (437 girls/422 boys) enrolled along with 14 teachers/staff members. Mawambala is one of many schools in the area which faces issues due to limited access to water. 

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