Apex Nursery and Primary School

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Serving 373 students in Uganda’s Tula community as a private boarding and day primary and nursery school, Apex Nursery and Primary School currently relies on a metallic rainwater collection tank that has a low storage capacity and is breaking down - so much so that the Ugandan Water Project (UWP) team, our implementing partner, on the ground cited it as “beyond repairing.” The school must also bring water in from a tanker truck, meaning they pay roughly 500,000 Ush ($135 USD) monthly on water expenses alone. Apex Nursery and Primary School does use chlorine tablets to clean their water, but those are extra money and are difficult to dose. The UWP filter systems will eliminate that cost, and the water will be much safer. Overall, Apex Nursery and Primary School needs a rainwater collection system to provide safe drinking water, handwashing, and more.

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Bukwaya Primary School


Bukwaya Primary School is located in the Iganga district of Uganda. Currently, the school has a pair of rainwater harvesting tanks that work great during and immediately after the rainy season but remain empty for the majority of the year. The most often-used source of water is a community well almost a mile away.

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Kutamba Primary School - Water Tank Expansion

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In the remote and underserved regions of southwestern Uganda, Nyaka AIDS Orphans’ Project, our implementing partner, commitment to the betterment of young lives stands as a beacon of hope for the disadvantaged orphaned children in Rukungiri who have been left to face life's unforgiving challenges without the loving guidance and support of parents.Imagine for a moment the world through the eyes of a child who has lost their parents to the relentless grip of HIV/AIDS. The warmth of a mother's embrace, the reassuring presence of a father, the shared dreams of a nurturing family! These are experiences that many of us take for granted, yet for the children we serve, these simple, cherished moments are often nothing more than a distant memory or an unfulfilled longing. These are children who bear the weight of their circumstances with unwavering resilience but with limited means to support themselves. These are children who, through no fault of their own, find themselves plunged into adulthood prematurely, facing harsh realities that no child should have to endure.Nyaka AIDS Orphans' Project believes that every child, regardless of their circumstances, deserves the chance to grow, learn, and aspire to a brighter future. Standing as a beacon of hope to these children, Nyaka AIDS Orphans’ Project provides a nurturing environment where these children can flourish and realize their potential.

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Sonde Global Junior School

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Sonde Global Junior School is a private boarding and day school that serves nursery and primary students. 31 staff members serve roughly 530 students, 25 of whom are also boarding. The primary water source is piped water on the campus, but it often breaks down and does not provide sufficient water for the school. The flow is inconsistent, and water needs to be fetched from other sources during all seasons. Students fetch water twice a day, roughly 20 boys and 20 girls. The school spends roughly 670,000 Ush ($181 USD) on monthly water expenses. A rainwater collection system will provide an additional source of water and storage capacity when water is unavailable elsewhere.

$1,900 needed (100%)

St. Bruno Mwembe Primary School

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A government-aided primary and nursery day school, St. Bruno Mwembe Primary School hosts 412 students, taught by 14 teachers in 8 classrooms. The primary school water source is piped water into the yard. Still, this source is highly unreliable, and staff described it as of poor quality, with an unacceptable color and taste. It is sometimes unavailable during daytime hours, typically only four days a week. Students fetch water twice a day and often miss class in the dry season to find alternate water sources. Most of the school’s water-related expenses center around treatment, which they do by rudimentary filtration and boiling.

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St. Kizito Kayabwe Primary School

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St. Kizito Kayabwe Primary School hosts roughly 700 primary school students, taught by 17 teachers throughout 10 classrooms. This day school is government-aided, relying on governmental funds for support. Although piped water is on school grounds, it is highly unreliable, and students, mainly girls, must fetch water twice a day. The facility spends 130,000 Ush monthly (roughly $35 USD) on water alone. Additionally, students and staff must boil the water before it can be used to wash dishes, prepare food, and/or drink. To eliminate health concerns among students, we are hoping to install a new rainwater collection system and provide water filters and handwashing stations.

$1,900 needed (100%)
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