Kasozi Primary School

Uganda 509 beneficiaries

Kazozi Primary School is located in Nakasongola, Uganda, a dry cattle corridor. There are 500 students and 9 teachers currently at the school on a daily basis.

$630 needed (21%)

Peas Samling Nama High School

Uganda 451 beneficiaries

Currently, Peas Samling Nama High School both houses and educates 451 students in Nama. While the students remain on campus year round, the water source has a tendency to run dry during the summer months leaving students without a reliable source of clean water. 

$1,800 needed (100%)

Bbanda Catholic Primary School

Uganda 200 beneficiaries

Bbanda Catholic Primary School educates 200 students in the Banda community, but currently lacks access to their students' most critical school supplies: clean water. 

Fully pledged!

Bulumwaki Primary School

Uganda 733 beneficiaries

The Bulumwaki Primary School, located in the Iganga district of eastern Uganda, currently has 733 students (346 girls & 387 boys).

$2,000 needed (57%)

Bulunda Primary School

Uganda 738 beneficiaries

Bulunda Primary School is located in Mpigi, Uganda, along the shores of Lake Victoria. There are 721 students and 17 teachers and staff totaling 738 people in need of safe toilets and handwashing.

$9,000 needed (100%)

Kakinzi YMCA Primary School

Uganda 417 beneficiaries

Serving 417 students in Uganda’s Mukono community as a private day school, Kakinzi YMCA Primary School currently relies on water from a nearby borehole but continually finds its needs unmet. The borehole is unreliable and frequently breaks down, so students have to fetch water from other sources off school grounds. These water sources are also unsafe so are treated with chlorine and other chemicals before drinking, but the water retrieved is not stored safely afterward. In order to protect the health of students and redeem critical classroom time, Kakinzi YMCA Primary School is in need of a rainwater collection system that will provide safe water for drinking, handwashing, and more.

$1,800 needed (100%)

Kampala School for the Physically Handicapped

Uganda 228 beneficiaries

Kampala School for Physically Handicapped started in 1969, as a project by the Uganda Spastics Society, an indigenous non-profit organization. The founding members of the Society had children with Cerebral Palsy, and thus aimed at improving the quality of life and rehabilitation of children with the affliction.Sitting on about 5.5 acres, Kampala School for the Physically Handicapped is the only one of its kind in Uganda, combining Education, Rehabilitation, and Vocational skill training for children with various disabilities between the ages of 6-21. The school has a population of 186 pupils, 42 teachers/staff, and also a wide range of volunteers.Endowed with a gleeful atmosphere, these amazing children tell the story.

Fully pledged!

Kasudde Borehole Rehab

Uganda 1000 beneficiaries

With over 200 households relying on a distant and unsanitary tube well, the people of Kasudde are in desperate need of a safe and reliable clean water source. 

Fully pledged!

Masaka Primary School

Uganda 630 beneficiaries

Masaka Primary School is located in Mpigi, Uganda, along the shores of Lake Victoria. There are 620 students and 10 teachers and staff totaling 630 people in need of safe toilets and handwashing.

$9,000 needed (100%)
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