St. Anthony G J Primary School

Uganda 546 beneficiaries

St. Anthony G J Primary School serves over 500 students in the Kyampisi community. Although the school has a nearby well that its students and staff rely on for their water needs, the well is shallow and its water is contaminated and not safe.

$600 needed (33%)

Excel Junior School

Uganda 500 beneficiaries

For the 500 students and staff at Excel Junior School, the single most needed school supply is clean water. Every day, children make the 15 minute walk through dense vegetation and along steep pathways to collect drinking water from a run-off pit which has a strong odor and a color leaving no question as to the safety of its water. Students routinely find livestock and other animals already drinking from and relieving themselves next to the water source by the time they arrive. In order to safeguard the health and well being of their young students and redeem lost classroom time, the head staff at Excel Junior School have requested a rainwater collection system from our implementing partner, the Ugandan Water Project. By equipping Excel Junior School with health, safety, and greater educational opportunities through a rainwater collection system, we will have a lasting impact on the school’s current and future students.

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Kabukunga RC Primary School

Uganda 400 beneficiaries

Kabukunga Primary School educates 400 students in the Kalagi community.  The students currently lack access to the most critical of "school supplies": Clean water. 

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Kayindu Secondary School

Uganda 350 beneficiaries

Due to significant leaks in the two rainwater collection tanks already located on their premises, the students and staff of Kayindu Secondary School are forced to make the long walk to the distant borehole well. This is something that would be challenging enough for the students, but is made even more difficult by the average hour-long wait time to use the well. 

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Mitalamaria Islamic Primary - Boys Latrines

Uganda 440 beneficiaries

There are 430 primary school aged students and 10 staff at Mitalamaria who both practice their Islamic religion and attend regular school classes. They are committed to good hygiene as Muslims, though other students (Christians, Catholics, other) also attend this school. The head teacher is also the founder of the school and very committee to ensuring the children are safe.

$3,250 needed (100%)

Mitala Maria Primary School

Uganda 800 beneficiaries

On any typical day in the school year, 800 students and teachers arrive at Mitala Maria Primary School for a full day of lessons, play time, and exams without any source of clean drinking water within their reach. Despite there being two rainwater collection systems near the school grounds, students and staff are only permitted to use the lesser of the two systems, which was poorly constructed in the 1990’s and now has substantial leaks. For a period of time, the school also attempted to meet the water needs of its many students by connecting the school to the piped national water system, but quickly found the high cost to be far too heavy of a financial burden. With no other viable option in sight, the school’s young children are forced to cross roadways and walk for nearly a mile through dangerous bush to a protected spring box, where the water is of poor quality. To provide relief for these significant health and safety challenges facing Mitala Maria Primary School’s 800 students and staff, we want to provide a critical investment in their water supply through the installation of a rainwater collection system.

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Obolokome Primary School


This school is located in Obolokome Village, Pader District, Laguti Sub-County. The school does not have a source of clean water. Students have to walk more than 3 km multiple times each day to fetch water from an unprotected stream with unsafe water. The school is currently closed, but our implementing partner, Drop in the Bucket, will drill a well that will provide safe water on school grounds for the students when it is time to return. 

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Ogom Telela Primary School


This school, located in Ogom Telela Village, Pader District, Ogom Sub-County, has no source of safe water. There is a well at a health center where the students currently fetch water, but the lines are long and it is a 2 km walk from the school. The school urgently needs its own water source. The school is currently closed, but our implementing partner, Drop in the Bucket, will drill a well that will provide safe water on school grounds for the students when it is time to return. 

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Pader Secondary School

Uganda 581 beneficiaries

Pader Secondary School’s only option for clean water is to buy it from a nearby trading center. For a school this large, the financial burden of having to buy water each day leaves them struggling to stay afloat. The school urgently needs a well of its own in order for it to stay operational and thrive.District: PaderSub-County: Pader Town CouncilParish: AcoroVillage: Lagwari EastBoys: 338Girls: 243

$3,500 needed (100%)
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