Kasozi Primary School

Uganda 509 beneficiaries

Kazozi Primary School is located in Nakasongola, Uganda, a dry cattle corridor. There are 500 students and 9 teachers currently at the school on a daily basis.

$3,000 needed (100%)

Kawumba Primary School Latrines

Uganda 431 beneficiaries

Drink Local Drink Tap, our implementing partner, has been working with Kawumba Primary School and the community for many years. Kawumba school is in dire need of two latrine blocks (VIP- ventilated improved pit latrines) to help 431 students and teachers.

$6,100 needed (94%)

Wii Aceng Primary School

Uganda 339 beneficiaries

The Wii Aceng Primary School is currently closed due to the pandemic, but even when it is open, it is frequently forced to shut down due to the lack of water.

$2,468 needed (71%)

Amoke Primary School

Uganda 603 beneficiaries

Amoke Primary School is located in Pader District, Latanya sub-County, Uganda. The current enrollment consists of 386 boys and 217 girls.

Fully pledged!

Bbaale Borehole Rehab

Uganda 300 beneficiaries

Currently in Bbaale Mukwenda, community members are relying on an unsafe and unsanitary traditional well as their sole water source. The community’s water is contaminated with bacteria from wild animals and livestock, often causing adults and children alike to contract waterborne diseases. 

Fully pledged!

Bbanda Catholic Primary School

Uganda 200 beneficiaries

Bbanda Catholic Primary School educates 200 students in the Banda community, but currently lacks access to their students' most critical school supplies: clean water. 

$1,800 needed (100%)

Brave Stars School

Uganda 350 beneficiaries

Brave Stars School serves 350 students in the Wakiso community. While the school currently has a metallic rainwater tank, the water it collects is reserved for their bathroom facilities, leaving only a contaminated traditional well 363 meters (.23 miles) away. 

Fully pledged!

Dynamic Junior School

Uganda 351 beneficiaries

Serving 351 students in Uganda’s Nakyelogosa community, Dynamic Junior School currently relies on water from a nearby shallow well but continually finds its needs unmet.

Fully pledged!

Irimba Primary School Boys Latrine

Uganda 234 beneficiaries

Deep in Nakasongola, Uganda, Drink Local Drink Tap (our implementing partner) has partnered with the Irimba community for many years. As DLDT expands water service in this area, sanitation facilities need to also be completed. Irimba Primary School hosts children from multiple villages. Girls especially like to go to school there because of the DLDT toilets (ventilated improved pit latrine- VIP) and the water well (borehole). The last item the school needs is a latrine block (VIP) to host a few hundred boys. The girls received theirs a few years ago.

Fully pledged!
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