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Asili Girls Vocational Secondary School

Uganda 250 beneficiaries

The Asili Girls Vocational Secondary School, is a catholic founded all-girls school in Lira, northern Uganda. This school is brand new and is still under construction. The school has two sections, a primary school with 580 pupils and a secondary boarding school which currently has 250 girls who also live there in dorms.  

$1,649 needed (30%)
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Lunguma Primary School

Uganda 594 beneficiaries

Lunguma Primary School is located in Lobule which is a large refugee camp on the western side of Uganda. It is near the border of South Sudan and the Congo. The school population consists of 288 girls and 306 boys who are all local Ugandan children. All of these students are in urgent need of clean water.

$3,700 needed (96%)
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Birijaku Primary School

Uganda 1,580 beneficiaries

Birijaku Primary School is located in Koboko, a very needy part of West Nile. The school has just over 1,500 students and no water! This community is made up of locals and refugees from South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Gombe Community Polytechnic School

Uganda 456 beneficiaries

Located in Uganda’s Central region in Wakiso district, Gombe Community Polytechnic School is home to a borehole well that currently provides drinking water to 500 people. 

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Marion Junior School

Uganda 388 beneficiaries

Marion Junior School is located in Wakiso district in the Central region of Uganda. The students have to travel 0.5 km to the nearest borehole, down a steep slope and through dense vegetation, to meet the school's water needs, however oftentimes in the dry season the borehole has a limited and inconsistent water supply. 

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