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Friends Primary School Givogi

Kenya 340 beneficiaries

Friends Primary School Givogi was established in 2009 by a church sponsor that donated the land. It started with just a preschool class and has slowly grown over the past years to now have 326 students from preschool to standard eight. But the growth has been slow because of high poverty levels in this area.English, Kiswahili, mathematics, science, social studies and religious studies are the subjects taught here.There are four incomplete classrooms and two semi-permanent (mud) classrooms that are not in good shape. Standard six and seven children have their lessons in the same classroom, separated only by papyrus reeds. A circular grass-thatched temporary gazebo structure has been built to serve as the staffroom for the teachers.

$4,188 needed (74%)
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Klis Primary School

Cambodia 200 beneficiaries

Life at Klis Primary: Srey’s StorySrey Pech is kind, obedient with her parents, teachers, and other adults, and at nine years old, she is the oldest of her two younger siblings. Srey has a beautiful smile and dreams of being a teacher one day. At Klis Primary, where Srey attends and is in fifth grade, there is no safe water on campus, no place to wash hands, and only one toilet for all 200 students. “I want to be a teacher,” Srey said. “But, I cannot focus well on studies because there is no water.”

$2,750 needed (100%)
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Mitalamaria Islamic Primary - Girls Latrines & Bathing

Uganda 440 beneficiaries

There are 430 primary school aged students and 10 staff at Mitalamaria who both practice their Islamic religion and attend regular school classes. They are committed to good hygiene as Muslims, though other students (Christians, Catholics, other) also attend this school. The head teacher is also the founder of the school and very committee to ensuring the children are safe.

$6,325 needed (100%)
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Ofellia Serrato

Nicaragua 32 beneficiaries

Project Proposal: 3 New latrines.

$773 needed (72%)
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Raya Primary School

Kenya 207 beneficiaries

There are 91 girls, 109 boys and 7 teachers at Raya Primary School in desperate need of a water and sanitation intervention. The climate is classified as semi-arid tropics with two rainy seasons, March-May and November–December.

$8,350 needed (89%)
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San Pablo Kubaly

Nicaragua 83 beneficiaries

Project Proposal: 3 New latrines and handwashing station.

$2,145 needed (100%)
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South Sudan School 2 (2020)

South Sudan

Our South Sudanese projects are quite unique from our others in the fact that they are not typically built at a school. These projects are built in villages with the plan that a school will form around that well in the future. The reason for this difference from our other projects is that South Sudan in its war-torn state is in desperate need for even the basic infrastructures to begin new communities. These South Sudan projects are not named because they are not typically schools yet at this point in the process. They will simply be a community well.

$1,376 needed (25%)
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Ssango Primary School

Uganda 510 beneficiaries

Already beneficiaries of 40,000 liters of rainwater harvesting, but in dire need of latrines. At Ssango, there is a small population of special needs children as well who need safer access to a toilet. By building two latrine blocks (10-stances) with handicapped accessibility and handwashing facilities, hygiene, sanitation and health will be changed forever.

$7,150 needed (100%)
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St. Matthew Kiwangala Central Primary School

Uganda 500 beneficiaries

For the students and staff at St. Matthew Kiwangala Central Primary School, collecting adequate water for each day’s needs is an arduous process. Without a water source of its own, the school is forced to send young children and teachers to a shallow well in the area that is also used by 700 individuals from the community. Because of the large number of people using the well, wait times are long- students and staff stand in line for an hour or more on average before they can access the water themselves. Combined with the fact that the walk to this well also requires students to cross a main road, it is critical that the St. Matthew Kiwangala Central Primary School is equipped with a rainwater collection system of its own so that its students and teacher have reliable and quick access to clean, safe drinking water.

$980 needed (49%)
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