Pader Secondary School

Uganda 581 beneficiaries

Pader Secondary School’s only option for clean water is to buy it from a nearby trading center. For a school this large, the financial burden of having to buy water each day leaves them struggling to stay afloat. The school urgently needs a well of its own in order for it to stay operational and thrive.District: PaderSub-County: Pader Town CouncilParish: AcoroVillage: Lagwari EastBoys: 338Girls: 243

$3,350 needed (96%)

Puertas Viejas

Nicaragua 116 beneficiaries

Project Proposal: 3 New latrines and handwashing station.

$1,950 needed (100%)

San Andrés

Nicaragua 48 beneficiaries

Project Proposal: 3 New latrines.

$475 needed (49%)

Andy Mwesigwa High School

Uganda 250 beneficiaries

Currently serving over 200 students in Uganda’s Kakiri community, Andy Mwesigwa Comprehensive High School has expanded significantly in recent years and expects its enrollment numbers to continue rising. Nevertheless, their already insufficient water supply–a nearby shallow well– has stayed the same. Combined with the high risk of water contamination from the well’s shallow depth and the arduous walk along a steep road to reach the well, the school needs a quick solution to its growing water demands. By equipping Andy Mwesigwa Comprehensive High School with a rainwater collection system, we will not only empower the school to adequately meet the increasing water needs of its student body, but also ensure that the water used to meet those needs is safe for drinking, handwashing and more.

Fully pledged!

Ebukhayi Primary School

Kenya 515 beneficiaries

Ebukhayi Primary School was established by community parents in 1998. It was taken over by the government in 2013 when primary education was mandated free. With the additional government funding, the school population grew from 84 students to the 515 students it has today.Students learn mathematics, English, Kiswahili, science, religion, and social studies. There are extracurricular clubs, such as scouting and a young farmers club, that meet each Tuesday afternoon.The students arrive at school at 7 am when they start general cleaning chores. The students also use this time to go to the river that’s about one kilometer away. Some also bring water from home in the morning. They use some of this water to clean the classrooms before classes start at 8 am. They break for lunch at 12:40 pm and resume afternoon classes at 2 pm.

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El Cascajal

Nicaragua 46 beneficiaries

Project Proposal: 3 New latrines.

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Ematiha Secondary School

Kenya 432 beneficiaries

Ematiha Secondary School, located in western Kenya, first opened its doors to 27 students in 2001. It has steadily grown to have 263 students attending classes in five classrooms.We first arrived at Ematiha Secondary School in the afternoon when it was very sunny. We met the security guard at the school gate who led me to his office to sign in first before being let inside. We walked to the school offices where we met the deputy principal, who gave us a warm welcome and proceeded to give us a tour.

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Excel Junior School

Uganda 500 beneficiaries

For the 500 students and staff at Excel Junior School, the single most needed school supply is clean water. Every day, children make the 15 minute walk through dense vegetation and along steep pathways to collect drinking water from a run-off pit which has a strong odor and a color leaving no question as to the safety of its water. Students routinely find livestock and other animals already drinking from and relieving themselves next to the water source by the time they arrive. In order to safeguard the health and well being of their young students and redeem lost classroom time, the head staff at Excel Junior School have requested a rainwater collection system from our implementing partner, the Ugandan Water Project. By equipping Excel Junior School with health, safety, and greater educational opportunities through a rainwater collection system, we will have a lasting impact on the school’s current and future students.

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Francisco Picado

Nicaragua 79 beneficiaries

Project Proposal: New handwashing station.

Fully pledged!
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