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Nimo Central School

Nigeria 370 beneficiaries

Nimo Central School is located in Nimo, Nigeria in Anambra State. The school has 200 girls, 160 boys and 10 teachers. Agriculture plays an important role in their economy; yams, taro, oil palm products, rice, corn (maize), cassava (manioc), and citrus fruits are the principal crops.

$4,300 needed (98%)
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Padrombu Primary School

Uganda 1550 beneficiaries

Padrombu Primary School is located in Lobule sub-County, Koboko District. The school has a population of 1550 students. This area has a high population of refugees, both South Sudanese and Congolese. 

$3,550 needed (92%)
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República de Costa Rica

Nicaragua 49 beneficiaries

Project Proposal: New latrines

$1,073 needed (100%)
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Shallobelle Primary School Grades Pre-2

Ethiopia 898 beneficiaries

Shallobelle Primary School is in the very rural villages of Kokosa, Bensa, Ethiopia. There are currently 898 students attending this school.

$2,375 needed (66%)
H2oforlife 4001

Amuria Primary School

Uganda 200 beneficiaries

Amuria Primary School is located in an area approximately 10 kilometers from town in the Amuria district in the northeastern part of Uganda. The school has an enrollment of 200 students and teachers with a total area population of 3,460,000 people. Many of these people are displaced from land conflicts in the region and many families live in temporary housing situations or send their children to live at school or by themselves near the school because they have no permanent home. 

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Arenas Blancas

Nicaragua 176 beneficiaries

Project Proposal: New latrines and handwashing station.

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Asili Girls Vocational Secondary School

Uganda 250 beneficiaries

The Asili Girls Vocational Secondary School, is a catholic founded all-girls school in Lira, northern Uganda. This school is brand new and is still under construction. The school has two sections, a primary school with 580 pupils and a secondary boarding school which currently has 250 girls who also live there in dorms.  

$3,000 needed (55%)
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Atuwastse II Secondary School

Nigeria 300 beneficiaries

Atuwastse II Secondary School has a population of 152 girls, 123 boys and 25 teachers/staff. The school desperately needs implementation of a clean water source, latrines and a hygiene training program. 

$4,400 needed (100%)
H2oforlife 4618

Badi Dhani School - Health, Nutrition & Education

India 70 beneficiaries

The proposed project will be an integrated effort on improving health and nutrition awareness among children. Availability of safe drinking water, Bio sand filters and regular check-ups to monitor the health of the students. This school has already received water and sanitation facilities with the support of H2O for Life. The Thar Desert of India is one of the most challenging parts of India. Severely deficient rainfall creates a chronic drought situation in Thar trapping the region under great poverty and deprivation. Food and water shortages are very common causing poverty and malnutrition. In rural areas health and nutrition needs are often neglected and less prioritized especially for females. Lack of awareness and lack of adequate healthcare are two critical challenges in the region. Education and health facilities are limited in the desert and develop the lowest statistical data nationwide. India has a goal for 100% enrollment of children and to ensure the completion of primary and secondary education by all boys and girls under the Sustainable Development targets for 2030, guaranteeing equal access to opportunities for access to quality technical and vocational education for everyone.

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