Givudemesi Primary School

Kenya 306 beneficiaries

Founded in 1992, Givudemesi Primary School has never had a water source on campus. Instead, it relies on students bringing water from home – but where they collect their “home” water varies.(Some photos pre-date the pandemic.)

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Las Pozas

Nicaragua 123 beneficiaries

Project Proposal: 3 New latrines and handwashing station.

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Mahola Mixed Secondary School

Kenya 136 beneficiaries

Mahola Mixed Secondary School began in 2012 with just fifteen students in total. For two years, the nascent secondary school was housed within a single classroom located at Mahola Primary School. In 2014, the national government through the County Development Funds built four unique classrooms for the secondary school on their own land adjacent to the primary school. Today, the secondary school serves 120 students and 16 teachers and staff with several more classrooms and buildings since established on their property. As a community engagement and service activity, the students participate in a monthly cleaning of the nearby Mahola Market.

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Muroni Primary School

Kenya 1317 beneficiaries

Muroni Primary School is found just off the main road, next to the Muroni Market. Sugarcane and maize plantations surround the school, in addition to some homesteads. Local community members founded the school in 1952. It serves 1,293 students and 24 teachers and staff. With such a large student population, the school’s greatest challenge remains access to a sufficient and reliable supply of clean water.

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Ofelia Cerrato

Nicaragua 29 beneficiaries

Project Proposal: New handwashing station.

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Run4Water - 11 Ugandan WASH Projects

Uganda 5111 beneficiaries

Endurance athlete Katie Spotz is back at it again, pushing the human body to its limits to defeat one of the world's oldest problems: the water crisis. Over the span of just 11 days, Katie will run across Ohio to raise enough money to provide clean, safe drinking water to more than 5,000 people in 11 communities in Uganda, East Africa that need it most. A broken borehole well sits at the center of each of these communities, while health clinics, schools, and community centers in the surrounding areas go without on-site water access. Each day of Katie's 11 day run will mark 1 Ugandan community being freed from waterborne illness and poverty through two clean water projects: the rehabilitation of its borehole well and the installation of a rainwater collection system at one of the community's most-used buildings. By supporting Katie's herculean effort to equip 11 communities with convenient, abundant, and safe clean water access, you will unlock improved health, education, safety, and wellbeing for thousands of people across Uganda. 

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St. Teresa Emakhwale Primary School

Kenya 1365 beneficiaries

St. Teresa Emakhwale Primary School was established in 1984 by the community which donated a piece of land after realizing that their children needed access to formal education. The Catholic church then decided to sponsor the school, forming a relationship that continues today. Shortly after opening, however, the school was torched down and all the classes burnt down, forcing it to close. In 1987, the school started up once again but this time, the community came together to ensure it serves the purpose it was established to.The school has been steadily growing and registering good performance since then, attracting a large population of students. Today, the school has a total enrollment of 1,332 students and 33 teachers and staff thanks to the joint efforts of the parents, teachers, and the students themselves.

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Zimbabwe Treasure Chest


The people of Zimbabwe rely on subsistence farming for food. When there is a drought, there is no food; and severe droughts are expected this year. Their largest driver of revenue for the country is tourism. With the restrictions and dangers of COVID-19, there have been no tourists. Many people are destitute, and there is little or no governmental assistance or relief. And, this year, to pay for teachers, schools will be charging a $50 per month per student - the average salary for Zimbabweans is $150 per month. (We've been told that families will go without food to pay for school fees.)This is where you come in. We need your support to raise $50,000. And this year, we have a generous donor who will be matching funds up to $50,000. The Mains'l Mission Team will be journeying to Zimbabwe in September. We will be working alongside community members in a variety of ways:Putting in bore holes and/or equipment for much needed water (boreholes average $10,000 each)Beginning plans and construction for another classroom in a rural area of Mgadla (the first classroom we constructed cost approximately $35,000)Conservation efforts to keep wild animals in balance with farm animals. With little tourism, the big five (lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo) have overrun villages and towns. These animals are threatened by community members, who are eliminating them to protect their livestock. Without these efforts, game viewing is lessened and tourism suffers (Bomas cost around $1200 each, which keeps cattle safe at night from predators: lions, hyenas, cheetah)Antipoaching efforts: Includes job opportunities, as well as protecting and preserving the wildlife that often becomes threatened or endangered (education, security, and tracking initiatives - building fences around national game parks cost of average of $3000 per kilometer/.62 miles)Capital improvements and maintenance on existing structures (Old Age Homes, orphanages and schools are in dire need of repairs - average $10,000 per structure)Supporting start ups for local micro-businesses for sustainable income, such as bread making, chicken and goat farming, structures for artists to display their crafts of wood carvings and more for tourism purchases ($2,000 per microbusiness average)Click below on "Team Mains’l: Join Us in Building a Better Tomorrow" to learn more.

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