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Matsimbe Secondary School

Malawi 1,890 beneficiaries

Matsimbe is a large secondary school in rural Malawi with an enrollment of 1872 students and only 18 teachers.

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Nanganda Primary School

Kenya 639 beneficiaries

Nang’anda Primary School is located in a remote, rural region of Kakamega County. The place is very green for most of the community members do crop farming and sugarcane planting. There are many trees planted all over, making the area cool and peaceful.The school opened in 1952 by community members who wanted to see their children have a nearby education opportunity. It has since grown to have 623 students taught by 16 teachers. They study English, Kiswahili, mathematics, social studies, science, religion, drawing, and reading.A normal day begins very early in the morning as students wake up to prepare for the day. A class six student who was interviewed narrated that for her, she wakes up at 5 am so that she can get to school on time. She walks for 40 minutes on average to get to school. Students walk to school in a group because it’s still dark out at that time of morning. Friendships are built during the walk to school. On arrival at school around 6 am, the pupils go to class for morning study hall. They take a break for cleaning chores like collecting litter, cleaning the toilets, and ensuring the hand-washing facilities have water. The pupils must also fetch water before regular lessons start at 8 am.

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Nasaruni High School Bathrooms

Kenya 120 beneficiaries

Nasaruni is a success story of the accomplishments of a rural community when empowered to build a school with life-saving water and sanitation facilities.Many girls living in the Narok area of Kenya did not have the opportunity to attend school until Nasaruni Maasai School for Girls was built. Traditionally, the Maasai tribes are semi-nomadic and pastoral and live by herding cattle and goats. Their lives are changing as fences are being constructed along the roads leading to the Maasai Mara. Cattle are no longer free to roam, and the Maasai are being forced to build stationary homes and move away from their long-time nomadic lifestyle. Nasaruni School offers girls the opportunity to study, learn agricultural skills that will replace nomadic herding, and become leaders of their communities that will be beneficial to future economic development. 

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Navajo Mountain Water Tank & Fill Station

United States

Piute Mesa is part of the Navajo Mountain/Naatsis'áán Chapter and is located in one of the most remote corners of the Navajo Nation. In 1864, the region’s miles of winding canyons allowed many Navajo to escape the Long Walk to Bosque Redondo. Many residents here are descended from Navajo that never took the Long Walk and, to this day, have maintained many traditional Navajo practices. Many speak little English. There are also many older residents in this project area who struggle to haul their own water.

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Navajo Nation Covid-19 Relief

United States

The families we serve are some of the most vulnerable to coronavirus in America. They struggle to wash their hands and bodies. They are forced to break social distancing to haul water. They live far from healthcare facilities. The COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) has upended the lives of all Americans, and that includes our friends and family across the Navajo Nation. 

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Nyaka Secondary School - Boy's Water Tanks

Uganda 78 beneficiaries

Nyaka works with communities to nurture and protect vulnerable children so they can learn, grow, and thrive. As part of this mission, we provide free education to children who have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS. Students receive a high-quality education, nutritious meals, uniforms, books, medical care, and school supplies. There are currently 780 students being educated by Nyaka from nursery through university.  In addition to operating two primary schools and a secondary vocational school, Nyaka operates two public libraries, a farm, two medical clinics, and gravity-fed clean water systems for the community. Support is also highly focused on the 10,000 grandmothers who care for an estimated 60,000 orphaned and vulnerable children in Southwest Uganda. In 2018, Nyaka merged with EDJA Foundation, which provides support to survivors of sexual and domestic violence in the community.  Nyaka Vocational Secondary School (NVSS) currently educates 185 students. This includes 157 students in grades Senior 1 through Senior 4 and 28 students in vocational programs. NVSS is a boarding school located in Kambuga Town Council, Kanungu District-Uganda. NVSS is responsible for providing water to more than 200 students, staff, and teachers year-round. This includes cooking, cleaning, drinking, sanitation, and hygiene. The school receives water through a variety of sources, many of which are unreliable or not easily accessible.  

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Nyakinombe Primary School

Uganda 268 beneficiaries

With a leaking cement rainwater tank as their only source of water on their school premises, the 268 students and staff at Nyakinombe Primary School have no other option than to make the long, daily walk through the bush and along steep hills to collect surface water from a swamp. As this swamp is also regularly visited by farmers and their livestock, the water is severely contaminated and poses a serious, immediate threat to the health and development of the school’s young children. We have the opportunity to serve as a catalyst for a brighter educational future for the current and future students at Nyakinombe Primary School by equipping them with a rainwater collection system that will offer free and conveniently located clean water.

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Ofellia Serrato

Nicaragua 32 beneficiaries

Project Proposal: 3 New latrines.

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Oguola College Secondary School

Nigeria 723 beneficiaries

Oguola College Secondary has a student population of 321 girls, 389 boys and 13 teachers/staff. The school desperately needs implementation of a clean water source, rehabilitated latrines and a hygiene training program. 

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