Mahola Mixed Secondary School

Kenya 136 beneficiaries

Mahola Mixed Secondary School began in 2012 with just fifteen students in total. For two years, the nascent secondary school was housed within a single classroom located at Mahola Primary School. In 2014, the national government through the County Development Funds built four unique classrooms for the secondary school on their own land adjacent to the primary school. Today, the secondary school serves 120 students and 16 teachers and staff with several more classrooms and buildings since established on their property. As a community engagement and service activity, the students participate in a monthly cleaning of the nearby Mahola Market.

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Mali Mali Primary School

Kenya 744 beneficiaries

Mali Mali Primary School is located in Kakamega County, Kenya. It was established in 1970 by the Catholic Church as a nursery school. In 1975 it became a government-run primary school.The area near the school is busy with motorbike taxis and farms of maize, bananas, sweet potatoes, and sugarcane. Indigenous trees surround the school.

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Mtitu Primary School

Tanzania 526 beneficiaries

Mtitu Primary School is located in Kilolo district, Iringa, Tanzania. The school has an enrollment of 515 students (278 girls/237 boys) and 11 teacher/staff members. As with many villages and schools in Iringa, the lack of safe water for Mtitu School is a major problem. 

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Muroni Primary School

Kenya 1317 beneficiaries

Muroni Primary School is found just off the main road, next to the Muroni Market. Sugarcane and maize plantations surround the school, in addition to some homesteads. Local community members founded the school in 1952. It serves 1,293 students and 24 teachers and staff. With such a large student population, the school’s greatest challenge remains access to a sufficient and reliable supply of clean water.

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Nasaruni - WBL Rotary Club Contribution


The Nasaruni Academy for Maasai Girls has been in operation for 13 years. Narok is located in the heart of the Maasai population- the largest number of Maasai people in one area. Nasaruni serves a very rural area that is dotted with family Maasai manyattas that live a typical Maasai life as extended family units. Until recent years, most Maasai girls were not attending school. Nasaruni Academy began with one small building serving 13 girl students. The school has grown, adding classes to grade 8, and now serves over 120 students. Young Maasai girls are often married off at a young age, and without an education do not have the knowledge and skills that lead to educational opportunities. By providing access to school, these girls are able to participate in education and will soon have access to a new secondary school currently being built on the campus. Girls will continue their education through high school and be better prepared for the future. Nasaruni Academy is helping girls and their families write a new future full of hope, health and empowerment to lead to success.  For the school to attract high-quality teachers who will remain on-site for multiple years, teacher facilities must be addressed. 

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Ngongwa Primary School

Tanzania 258 beneficiaries

Ngongwa Primary School is located in Kilolo district, Iringa, Tanzania. The school has an enrollment of 248 students (120 girls/128 boys) and 10 teacher/staff members. As with many villages and schools in Iringa, the lack of safe water for Ngongwa School is a major problem. 

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Ofelia Cerrato

Nicaragua 29 beneficiaries

Project Proposal: New handwashing station.

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Pakeyo Health Center


The Pakeyo Health Center is a busy facility that sees more than fifty patients a day and currently does not have a source of running water. Before the clinic opens one of the staff members walks to fetch water from a well, but it is a long walk and it is usually just a few hours into the day when the water runs out. This leaves the sick patients with no water to drink, use with medications, wash their hands or even rinse out the one cup they all share. 

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San Luis, Achiote

Nicaragua 73 beneficiaries

Project Proposal: 3 New latrines and handwashing station.

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