La Chilena

Nicaragua 118 beneficiaries

Project Proposal: Machine drilled well.

$10,000 needed (100%)

Little Flower Pre School

Tanzania 247 beneficiaries

Little Flower is a nursery school located within Kilolo district of Iringa, Tanzania. The school has a total of 238 students, along with 9 teachers and staff members. As with many villages and schools in Iringa, the lack of available safe water for Little Flower School is a major problem. 

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Masaka Primary School

Uganda 630 beneficiaries

Masaka Primary School is located in Mpigi, Uganda, along the shores of Lake Victoria. There are 620 students and 10 teachers and staff totaling 630 people in need of safe toilets and handwashing.

$9,000 needed (100%)

Matioli K Salvation Army Primary School

Kenya 663 beneficiaries

Matioli K Salvation Army Primary School was established in the year 1989 by the surrounding community to eradicate illiteracy in the area. The school was started with temporary structures made of mud walls and roofs with iron sheets. It was later taken over by the government after it was registered by the Ministry of Education. The school is sponsored by Salvation Army Church and has produced learners who have passed exams and joined higher levels of learning institutions. Many students have secured reputable jobs in the government as well as in the private sector. The school is located within the interior part of Malava sub-county. The communication networks in the area are good because roads leading to the school are made of marrum - which undergoes maintenance from time to time by the county government of Kakamega. The community is made of farmers who grow small scale crops. 

$13,300 needed (100%)

Mawambala Secondary School

Tanzania 526 beneficiaries

Mawambala Secondary School is a government school found within Mawambala village in Kilolo district, Iringa, Tanzania. The school has a total of 507 students, made up of 306 girls and 201 boys, along with 19 teachers and staff members. As with many villages and schools in Iringa, the lack of safe water for Mawambala School is a major problem. The students currently waste a lot of time fetching water for domestic uses including drinking, cleaning, and cooking.

$2,600 needed (100%)

Maweni Water Project


Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO), our implementing partner, is the largest grassroots organization in Kenya’s slums with a 12-year track record of improving slum dwellers’ lives. Today, SHOFCO impacts over 2.4 million slum dwellers through both their platform for community organizing and access to essential services.SHOFCO’s vision is to build urban promise from urban poverty. They have built a large-scale community-driven movement that improves dignity, physical well-being, and opportunity for millions, creating a blueprint for systemic urban slum transformation. SHOFCO aims to advance the dignity and equity of community members living in slums across Kenya. Their vision for community transformation is that marginalized individuals can meet their basic needs and have a meaningful set of choices to live with dignity, equity, and opportunity. 

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Muggaga Secondary School

Uganda 450 beneficiaries

Muggaga Secondary School is located in Mpigi, Uganda, along the shores of Lake Victoria. There are 447+ teens plus teachers and staff in need of safe toilets, bathing areas and handwashing.

$10,000 needed (100%)

Nabalanga Isalmic School

Uganda 99 beneficiaries

Located in Uganda's Mukono District, Nabalanga Isalmic School currently serves 99 students and staff from the surrounding community. Although the school has a nearby well that its students and staff rely on for all of their water needs, the water is unsafe. 

$1,800 needed (100%)

Nakifuma C/U Primary School

Uganda 1019 beneficiaries

Serving approximately 1000 individuals in Uganda’s Mukono community, Nakifuma Church of Uganda Primary School currently relies on water from nearby piped water, but this source is often locked or otherwise inaccessible. The school also uses a rainwater collection system, but this does not provide nearly enough for such a large population - the facility spends roughly 120,000 Ugandan shillings on water related expenses a month. The new rainwater collection system will lead to saved money being put to use for bettering the school and church and improving life for the students at Nakifuma C/U Primary School.

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