Ingavira Primary School

Kenya 1248 beneficiaries

Ingavira Primary School was established on a small plot of land surrounded by sugar plantations and community homes in 1981. It’s a public primary school with a large number of students that perform averagely in academics. The area is noisy with motorbikes and tractors which transport sugarcane from farms to the West Kenya Sugar Factory across the road from the school.

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Institution Wiljean Compere

Haiti 500 beneficiaries

Institution Wiljean Compere will receive gender-specific bathrooms for students, a private bathroom for teachers, a shower to support student hygiene, and handwashing stations.  The school will also receive hygiene education, menstrual hygiene education and bio-sand filters for access to safe drinking water. 

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Irimba Primary School Boys Latrine

Uganda 234 beneficiaries

Deep in Nakasongola, Uganda, Drink Local Drink Tap (our implementing partner) has partnered with the Irimba community for many years. As DLDT expands water service in this area, sanitation facilities need to also be completed. Irimba Primary School hosts children from multiple villages. Girls especially like to go to school there because of the DLDT toilets (ventilated improved pit latrine- VIP) and the water well (borehole). The last item the school needs is a latrine block (VIP) to host a few hundred boys. The girls received theirs a few years ago.

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Kabukunga RC Primary School

Uganda 400 beneficiaries

Kabukunga Primary School educates 400 students in the Kalagi community.  The students currently lack access to the most critical of "school supplies": Clean water. 

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Kankalay Islamic School

Sierra Leone 1800 beneficiaries

Founded in 1982, Kankalay Islamic School is an infant, primary, and secondary school in Sierra Leone. 

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Kasenge Borehole Rehab

Uganda 300 beneficiaries

The Kyengera community relies on a borehole well that now sits in partial disrepair. A borehole well is a simple hand pump well that typically ranges from 30 to 250 ft deep. 

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Kasudde Borehole Rehab

Uganda 1000 beneficiaries

With over 200 households relying on a distant and unsanitary tube well, the people of Kasudde are in desperate need of a safe and reliable clean water source. 

$1,000 needed (100%)

Katembe Primary School

Uganda 700 beneficiaries

Katembe Primary School is located within Kanungu District adjacent to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in the south-western corner of Uganda. The school is a long-established Government-aided school providing education to the poorest children in the district. There is no other school choice for these children – the only other schools within an hour’s walking distance are private schools with higher fees that these children cannot afford. Katembe is an absolutely vital school with over 700 children registered, though the usual number attending is approximately 600-650 as some cannot afford the small fee contribution (less than $10 per term).  

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Las Cañas

Nicaragua 93 beneficiaries

Project Proposal: 3 New latrines and handwashing station.

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