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Hurricane Relief Impact Report

Posted by Steve Hall on January 3

Check out photos showing impact the following H2O for Life schools and groups helped make towards the Caribbean Hurricane Relief Initiative of our implementing partner, Waves For Water. Barrington Middle School – Prairie Campus, IL Buffalo High School AVID, MN Global Communications Academy, CT Guntersville Middle School, AL Jenni, Eric, Eden and Jameson Gallagher, NC […]

Sabane Primary School, Kenya

Posted by Steve Hall on December 19, 2018

There is a new rainwater catchment system at Sabane Primary School! Students have a source of safe, clean water thanks to your support. Handwashing stations were installed so that students can clean up after using their new latrines, and students and staff have received training in sanitation and hygiene. Thank you to Varsity Lakes Middle […]

New well for Tanzanian students

Posted by Steve Hall on December 14, 2018

Background Nyanzwa Primary School is located in the Nyanzwa village within the Kilolo district in Iringa, Tanzania. The school has 463 students from pre standard 1 through standard 7 and 10 teachers. The school faces extreme challenges in getting safe and clean water for daily consumption. Student use polluted water from unsafe sources including streams, […]

Apply for a Grant

Posted by Christy Andacht on December 6, 2018

Would you like to start an H2O for Life project, but need some money to get your fundraiser off the ground? H2O for Life will provide mini-grants that will assist schools on their journey to participate in our life-changing service learning program. Provision of grants will allow schools with limited fundraising capability to participate in […]

St. Joseph Walk for Water

Posted by Steve Hall on December 4, 2018

We are teaching mission awareness in our youth, along with Catholic Social Teaching to instill how important water is and prompt Catholic Social Justice. It was another successful Water Walk! Thank you to all the #waterwarriors for supporting the three schools we are working to help in Africa. Be watching for another walk next year […]

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