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Many Native Americans Can’t Get Clean Water

Posted by Steve Hall on November 20

For many people, turning on the tap or flushing the toilet is something we take for granted. But a report released Monday, called “Closing the Water Access Gap in the United States,” shows that more than 2 million Americans live without these conveniences and that Native Americans are more likely to have trouble accessing water […]

Catchment tank underway!

Posted by Steve Hall on November 19

Quick update on the project at Githunguchu Primary School in Kenya. Construction of the new rainwater catchment tank is almost complete. Once the final touches are put on the tank and the gutter system is installed we will share a final report. Thanks to the following for supporting this project! Bank Street School for Children, […]

Protolabs Celebrates Halloween by Building a Well and Their Community

Posted by Mitchell LeGrand on November 6

We were fortunate enough to spend part of our day on Halloween at Protolabs as they wrapped up their fundraiser for a water project at the Busia Primary School in Uganda. The school has a population of 1,025 students and this area has a high population of refugees, both South Sudanese and Congolese. To raise […]

Clean Drinking Water Poster Contest

Posted by Christy Andacht on November 5

*open to Minnesota students ONLY Learn, engage, and advocate! Design a poster, no larger than 9×12, about how or why all Minnesotans should conserve and protect our drinking water.  Safe drinking water is everyone’s responsibility. It’s up to all of us to keep it clean and safe, now and for the future. Prizes FIRST PLACE WINNERS in […]

Ugandan Well Rehab Successful

Posted by Steve Hall on October 31

Thank you for bringing safe water to ⁠Gombe School! Located in Uganda’s Central region in Wakiso district, Gombe Community Polytechnic School is home to a borehole well that currently provides drinking water to 500 people. Before: For almost an entire year the water produced by this well has been brown in color and unsafe to […]

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