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Sedgwick Peace Flags

Posted by Steve Hall on November 30

Sedgwick Elementary School students in Sedgwick, ME, have been reading ‘A Long Walk to Water’ in ELA and studying water and related topics in science.  They brainstormed fundraising options and their first idea was to sell Peace Flags which are designed and printed by the students. Sedgwick is raising funds to help provide a borehole […]

Handwashing in Nicaragua

Posted by Steve Hall on November 29

Check out the new handwashing station for students at San Rafael, Nicaragua! Thanks to Wells of Salvation Inc and Griffin Johnson for supporting this project! We believe all people deserve clean water, safe sanitation, and the knowledge to sustain it for future generations. Our implementing partner, El Porvenir, partners with the people of Nicaragua so that they can build […]

NUMA NOW install a success!

Posted by Steve Hall on November 17

Crown Academy was founded in the Kissitown community of Waterloo, Sierra Leone in 2013. This primary and secondary school, which serves more than 750 students, has had many water challenges since its inception. The students had to walk to a local stream to fetch their water. In addition to the time and physical challenges that […]

Female latrines completed

Posted by Steve Hall on November 2

From our implementing partner in Uganda, Drink Local Drink Tap (DLDT): We are pleased to send this update on the Mitalamaria Islamic Primary School female latrine and safe bathing area. We truly value our partnership with H2O for Life and look forward to continuing our work together. Before: The sanitation situation for the students was […]

Minute To Win It

Posted by Steve Hall on October 28

Pinecrest Academy is a second-year charter school in Northern Nevada. As we read “A Long Walk to Water” with our students, we wanted to incorporate a service-learning project. Our 5th-grade students are helping to drive our fundraiser as they learn valuable skills along with the knowledge that they have the power to change the world. […]

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