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Painting Fundraiser

Posted by Steve Hall on March 27

The National Honor Society at Commonwealth High School in San Juan, Puerto Rico, held a painting fundraiser! Students and teachers spent an afternoon painting and learning about H2O for Life and the project they are supporting in the Navajo Nation. They raised over $1,000!

High School Fellows Connect With El Porvenir in Nicaragua

Posted by Mitchell LeGrand on March 20

The H2O for Life High School Fellowship program is an opportunity for youth from around the world to connect with one another and dive deeper into topics around the water crisis. An important part of that deeper learning is the Impact Speakers we bring in for each seminar. These speakers range from leaders in the nonprofit sector to social entrepreneurs to storytellers to engineers. Last month, the fellows heard from our Implementing Partners at El Porvenir. Executive Director Rob Bell and Director of US Operations Jenna SaldaƱa spoke with our students about how their water projects are implemented in Nicaragua […]

Volta Project a Success

Posted by Steve Hall on March 14

Have is a rural community located in the Adaklu district in the Volta region of Ghana. The major economic activity in the community is subsistent farming and hunting. The people are friendly and accommodating. BEFORE: Have School, with a current population of 129 students, lacks any source of safe water since its old borehole stopped working long ago. Students are forced to spend hours fetching water and walking many miles multiple times per day. These missed hours in the classroom negatively affect their performance in school and make it extremely difficult for the teachers to provide a quality educational experience […]

Water Infrastructure Successfully Renovated

Posted by Steve Hall on March 7

In the heart of southwestern Uganda, the Nyaka AIDS Orphans’ Project, with the generous support of our compassionate donor, H2O for Life, embarked on a mission to transform the lives of orphaned children at Nyaka Primary School. The aim was to address the critical water challenges they faced, ensuring they have access to clean, reliable water sources. We are thrilled to report the successful completion of the water infrastructure renovation project, thanks to the invaluable contribution from our donor. Nyaka Primary School, located in Kanungu District, has been a beacon of hope for orphaned children since its founding in 2003, […]

Kumi Christian Well Rehab

Posted by Steve Hall on February 19

Kumi Christian Visionary School is located in the Eastern Region of Uganda in the town of Kumi. H2O for Life schools previously supported a borehole well that was installed on the school property in 2014. Although the well had been working adequately, the government of Uganda has passed a law requiring all new wells to be fitted with stainless steel pipes. These pipes never rust and last a lot longer than galvanized iron pipes. Our implementing partner, Drop in the Bucket, has been outfitting all of their new wells with stainless steel pipes for the last few years. This borehole […]

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