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VIP Latrines - Kawumba Primary

Posted by Steve Hall on January 18

Thank you for trusting our implementing partner, Drink Local Drink Tap, with your generous donation to help the people of Kawumba Primary School in Mpigi, Uganda. In funding two VIP (ventilated improved pit) latrine blocks and two hand-washing facilities that will reliably serve this community, you’ve directly impacted the lives of an estimated 424 people […]

Fátima Gámez

Posted by Steve Hall on January 18

Fátima Gámez is the teacher of the primary school Ofelia Cerrato located in Tolinapa, Camoapa. She has been working here for two years with 30 children who are studying to achieve their goals and dreams. For Mrs. Gámez, a handwashing station was necessary because their children needed to wash their hands to avoid getting sick. […]

Masalali Borehole

Posted by Steve Hall on January 13

Masalali Primary School is a government school located in Ukumbi sub-village within the Kilolo district of the Iringa region, Tanzania. The school has 473 students ranging from nursery school to standard seven. The school faced the challenge of getting safe and clean water for daily consumption. Students used polluted water from unsafe sources, including hand-dug […]

Udzungwa Borehole

Posted by Steve Hall on January 12

Udzungwa Secondary School is a government school located in the Kilolo district of Iringa, Tanzania. The school has a total of 826 students, along with 40 teachers and staff members. As with many villages and schools in Iringa, the lack of safe water for Udzungwa School was a significant problem. The students wasted a lot […]

Community Overcoming Obstacles

Posted by Steve Hall on January 6

The new latrine intervention at Anexo Simón Bolivar in Nicaragua has been successfully completed! María Fernández Solórzano is the teacher at Anexo Simón Bolívar in Yalwas, Camoapa. 30 children have benefited from these new latrines. This school had a latrine, but it was in terrible condition. The latrine used by these children was broken, and […]

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