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Why Wait?

Posted by Steve Hall on October 22

This past year at Osceola High School (WI), Emily Fox and I (Brooke Bents), partnered up to develop a service-learning project contributing to ending the global water crisis. A new club introduced to the school last year is called “Why Wait?”, which is focused on the important question: why wait to change the world? Emily […]

What a Difference a Year Can Make

Posted by Steve Hall on October 17

Ever since the installation of their rain tank last year, students and staff at Sabane Primary School in Kenya have had safe and clean water that is easily accessible in the school compound. We were told on a recent visit how cases of typhoid and diarrhea, which once ran rampant through the school population, are […]

Malawian Borehole a Success

Posted by Steve Hall on October 14

Our implementing partner, Freshwater Project International, is excited to report a successful installation of the water point at Mselera Primary School in Malawi! The school originally had NO clean water source and students had to fetch water from a shallow, contaminated pond or walk a long distance to an old community borehole and wait in […]

Mary Rodgers - A True Water Warrior

Posted by Steve Hall on October 7

Mary Rodgers, former teacher at Abington High School in PA, and H2O for Life founder, Patty Hall met at a youth leadership conference in New Mexico in 2007. H2O for Life was beginning their first year as a service-learning organization. Mary was highly interested in water resources and was one of the first schools to […]

Health, Nutrition & Education for Children

Posted by Steve Hall on October 1

The programs of our implementing project partner in India, GRAVIS, are mainly committed towards the well being of rural communities, particularly marginalized children, women and the elderly. The philosophy in which GRAVIS believes focuses on holistic development of villages through safe water, education and health amenities. Keeping this vision of the organization in view, the […]

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