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Kayindu Project Complete

Posted by Steve Hall on August 16

Before: Due to significant leaks in the two rainwater collection tanks already located on their premises, the students and staff of Kayindu Secondary School are forced to make the long walk to the distant borehole well. This is something that would be challenging enough for the students, but is made even more difficult by the […]

H2O for Life Featured on PBS NewsHour

Posted by Nick Coughlin on August 12

PBS special correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro featured H2O for Life as part of his series, “Agents for Change.” “Drinking water and restrooms are readily available to most school children in America. That is not the case across the developing world.” Watch the segment here.

Navajo Nation Update

Posted by Steve Hall on August 9

Our implementing partner, DigDeep, submitted this update on the support H2O for Life helped provide for Navajo Nation during the 2020-2021 school year: We are grateful for H2O for Life’s interest in the work of DigDeep. It is our pleasure to share information about the water storage tanks funded by H2O for Life on the […]

Ugandan Well Successfully Drilled

Posted by Steve Hall on July 26

Pader Secondary School’s only option for clean water was to buy it from a nearby trading center. For a school this large, the financial burden of having to buy water each day left them struggling to stay afloat. The school urgently needed a well of its own in order for it to stay operational and […]

Latrine Construction a Success!

Posted by Steve Hall on July 19

Check out the new latrines for Ofellia Serrato students in Camoapa, Nicaragua! We believe all people deserve clean water, safe sanitation, and the knowledge to sustain it for future generations. Our implementing partner, El Porvenir, partners with the people of Nicaragua so that they can build a better future for themselves through the sustainable development […]

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