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Nicaraguan student talks about impact of new latrines

Posted by Steve Hall on April 9

“Going to the bathroom was uncomfortable because we were afraid with the structure it was going to break and fall over on us,” remembers 12-year-old Luis Daniel Jirón Abarca, student in the Santa Rita School in Quizaltepe, San Lorenzo. “We used the old latrines, or sometimes we went to our homes or the neighbor’s house […]

Westridge School for Girls H2O for Life Trip

Posted by Patty Hall on April 5

Today, we were all looking forward to our visit to Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO), an organization founded by a friend of founder Patty Hall, Kennedy Odede. Kennedy grew up in the Kibera Slums and has made it his life’s mission to bring about change for Kibera. Kennedy and his wife, Jessica Posner, have written […]

Bagging Groceries!

Posted by Steve Hall on March 30

The Young Women’s Group at Fridley High School in MN raised over $300 this past weekend bagging groceries at Cub Foods. The group is raising money for water filters in Puerto Rico as part of the hurricane relief efforts. Way to go YWG!!

Join The Well & Get a Free Super Soft T-Shirt

Posted by Steve Hall on March 20

In 2017, we took on a challenge to create a sustaining membership program called The Well. Our members make an ongoing, monthly donation to help fund life-changing work at home and life-saving work abroad. We currently have 20 members, our goal by the end of Thursday, March 22 is to enroll 20 more people. In honor […]

Candygrams and Jelly Bean Contest

Posted by Steve Hall on March 15

At lunch this week, AVID students have been selling candygrams and hosting a jelly bean contest. Through these efforts, we have raised almost $200 in just three days! -Submitted by AVID IV Class at Henry Sibley High School, MN

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