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Academy of the Sacred Heart’s exemplary effort!

Posted by Joe Kuzelka on May 21

If you are looking for a prime example of a well-rounded educational fundraiser, then look no further than Academy of the Sacred Heart in New Orleans! Academy of the Sacred heart encourages social awareness and the recognition of the need to help others in our global community, as stated in Goal Five of the Goals and Criteria […]

Poster Contest - Elementary Division 1st place winner

Posted by Joe Kuzelka on May 14

Pictured above (left to right, top to bottom): Daniel Symonik (MN Dept of Health), Melissa Toov (Teacher), Mr. Vempati, Sarvagna Vempati, Mrs. Vempati, Josie Johnson (Principal), Judy Onufer (H2O for Life), and Sarvagna’s little brother. H2O for Life would like to thank Sarvagna Vempati at Rush Creek Elementary School for taking 1st place in the […]

Hoboken Charter School’s WET ‘Walk for Water”!

Posted by Joe Kuzelka on May 14

  If you’re reading this blog, you know how incredibly important water is for the planet and humankind. However, us humans do enjoy our sunny days! That wasn’t the case for Hoboken Charter school‘s ‘Walk for Water‘ in New Jersey. Hoboken Charter’s ability to distribute the importance of knowledge with lesson plans and determination with […]

Ikoli Primary WASH Intervention

Posted by Steve Hall on May 14

There is a new rainwater catchment system at Ikoli Primary School, Kenya! Students have a source of safe, clean water thanks to your support. Handwashing stations were installed so that students can clean up after using their new latrines, and students and staff have received training in sanitation and hygiene. New Knowledge We start planning […]

New Latrines at Murushasha!

Posted by Steve Hall on May 10

We are happy to report that the latrines at Murushasha Community Primary School in Uganda were completed early in 2019. They constructed a 4 stance latrine block (pit latrines) with an exceptionally deep pit so that they should be functioning for the maximum period of time. Everyone is very happy to have this facility at […]

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