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Bluff Creek Project Impact

Posted by Steve Hall on June 7

Bluff Creek Elementary is a public school in MN serving students in grades K-5. Project Impact involves 5th graders in learning project management skills through civic engagement. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals serve as inspiration for the 12 local and global service projects. The students are supporting the Global Goal of Clean Water and […]

HTA Students Support Ukraine

Posted by Steve Hall on May 31

Hawaii Technology Academy is a tuition-free, WASC-accredited, public charter school that aims to transform education to meet the demands of an ever-changing world. “Our educational approach is founded on the belief that learners learn best by doing and by engaging in relevant learning experiences that help them make connections between themselves and the world.” Students […]

Installation of Combined Water System

Posted by Steve Hall on May 30

In February 2020, the Gracias a Dios educational center was visited in the Montaña Verde community, about 35 kilometers from the center of Márcala, Honduras. It has 110 students and seven teachers. The drinking water within the school was evaluated, along with the water source and the water supply in the community. The water tests […]

MN 3rd-graders share their thoughts

Posted by Steve Hall on May 23

The third-grade class at King of Grace Luthern School in MN has participated in H2O for Life projects since 2013. “After viewing some of the videos on the H2O site, it’s impossible not to want to help some of these children who are in need of what we often take for granted, water! This year […]

MN students host Hat Day, Penny War & Plant Sale

Posted by Steve Hall on May 17

Plainview-Elgin-Millville School recently raised over $1,000.00 by holding a Student Hat Day, a Penny War, and a Mother’s Day Plant Sale. The MN students have been working hard to help provide safe drinking water via bio-sand filters to their peers at Akhadana School in India.  

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