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Safe water for ⁠Building Tomorrow students

Posted by Steve Hall on September 28, 2020

BEFORE: Every day, young students from Building Tomorrow COU Primary School make the difficult walk to a nearby swamp that is shared by more than one thousand community members, hundreds of livestock animals, and other wild creatures. Despite the water’s high contamination levels and how difficult the collection process is– students must cross traffic, walk […]

Thank you for bringing water to ⁠Bright Kingdom

Posted by Steve Hall on September 28, 2020

Located on a steep slope and surrounded by dense vegetation, community members and staff at Bright Kingdom Nursery and Primary School often worry about the safety of children who must make the daily walk to collect water. Roughly one thousand people in Kiwanguzi currently rely on a single pond for the majority of their water […]

Project Complete at Womulalu

Posted by Steve Hall on September 25, 2020

Womulalu Special School in Kenya now has access to a new source of safe, clean water thanks to the completion of their rain catchment tank, which has the ability to collect 50,000 liters of water. New latrines and handwashing stations for students were installed and staff and students were trained on improved sanitation and hygiene […]

Project for students in Ghana a success

Posted by Steve Hall on September 21, 2020

Update on the recently completed project from our implementing partner, Volunteers for Amelioration Rural Areas (VARAS): “We are grateful to our sponsor for bringing such a great impact and the entire Agordeke community for coming out in their numbers to see this come to fruition. The project when completed will provide drinkable water, water for […]

Safe water for ⁠Bishop Bukenya students!

Posted by Steve Hall on September 17, 2020

BEFORE: Bishop Bukenya School serves 400 students in the Kalagi community, but on any given day the number of students sitting in their classrooms is often much lower. With a leaking rainwater collection system and an unsafe borehole well as their only sources of drinking water, the school has had multiple outbreaks of typhoid among […]

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