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Dodgeball Fundraiser

Posted by Steve Hall on April 17

St. Christopher School in NY recently held a dodgeball tournament to raise funds for their partner school in the Dominican Republic. Students made a small donation to be part of the action! What a great idea! Help St. Chris reach their goal  

Free lesson plans for busy teachers

Posted by Joe Kuzelka on April 15

Are you hard-working, busier than heck, and totally dedicated to your students? H2O for Life offers free programming for educators. We help teachers integrate global service projects into their classroom and clubs. How do we do this? We prepare teachers with free curricular resources and support to implement service within their classrooms. We design curriculum one to one for educators based […]

Sauganash Elementary School fosters a student-centered approach to STEM learning to change the world

Posted by Joe Kuzelka on April 9

Sauganash Elementary School, a short trip east of Chicago, Illinois, has the wonderful experience of hosting an H2O for Life after school club. Mrs. Askuvich, a middle school science teacher, is the mastermind behind the program. Her belief in a student-centered approach to STEM learning helps create a more collaborative classroom. Sharing leadership, students are […]

Madegwa Project Complete

Posted by Steve Hall on April 2

A new rainwater catchment system was built! Madegwa Primary School in Kenya now has a new source of safe, clean water thanks to your support. Handwashing stations were installed so that students can clean up after using their new latrines, and students and staff have received training in sanitation and hygiene. Rainwater Catchment Tank Construction […]

Lydia Middleton Elementary in Indiana helps a school in South Sudan

Posted by Joe Kuzelka on April 2

Located on the border of Indiana and Kentucky, Lydia Middleton Elementary has the luxury of being near a powerful source of freshwater, the Ohio River. After an immersive H2O for Life experience, the students of Mrs. Hall’s 4th grade class know how important access to clean water is in life. The students researched and wrote […]

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