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Impact and Success in Kenya

Posted by Steve Hall on January 5, 2016

Story sent to us from one of our great implementing partners, Kenya Rainwater Association: The introduction of free primary education in Kenya led to an influx of pupils in the available schools and has put stress on the available WASH facilities. The situation is worse in rural communities where safe water coverage is generally lower, […]

Fiava’s Story

Posted by Steve Hall on January 13, 2016

Fiava’s story was sent to us by our wonderful implementing partner, Ugandan Water Project. Fiava is 16 years old and is the head girl at St. Jude’s Nakasozi Primary School. When I asked a group of teachers which student could I interview they all said the same name and pointed unanimously to Fiava. Her smile was contagious and […]

A clean drink of water

Posted by Steve Hall on January 20, 2016

Clean water! Thank you to St. Joseph Catholic School, TX for supporting this beautiful new well at St. Paul Secondary School in Uganda!

Reach out to your local community

Posted by Steve Hall on January 26, 2016

Write a letter(s) to local businesses and corporations asking for donations. They love to partner with schools and non-profits due to the great impact it has on the members of the company and the company as a whole. This opens the doors to consumer insight, networking and recognition. Partnering with a school and non-profit improves […]

STEM Fair at Otter Lake

Posted by Steve Hall on February 10, 2016

Fifth grade students at Otter Lake Elementary School in MN have spent the last couple of weeks learning about global and local water issues. Check out their informational display at the recent STEM Fair hosted by Otter Lake! Fantastic work helping your community gain greater awareness!

Hayes Elementary Hosts World Cultures Night

Posted by Steve Hall on February 17, 2016

Hayes Elementary in Fridley, MN recently hosted a World Cultures Night. Students and parents Walked for Water to support a WAter, Sanitation and Hygiene education (WASH) project at Ecole Mixte Axtion Fraternelle School in Haiti. Taken from their school page here is “why?” these students decided to get involved: Hayes Elementary is a PYP school in […]

$70,000 Over 7 Years!

Posted by Steve Hall on March 2, 2016

Story shared via the Stillwater Junior High School H2O For Life – Water For South Sudan Facebook page: 9 students x 3 community presentations = $1500 raised. $70,000 Over 7 Years goal reached! Thanks to St. Paul Lutheran for the $1000 donation that put us over the top today. This year’s phenomenal community speakers: Abby […]


US Water Infrastructure

Posted by Patty Hall on March 9, 2016

The work that H2O for Life and our NGO partners have been doing for WASH in Schools around the world gave Peter Gleick of the Pacific Institute his idea to focus on getting good (non-lead) water to Flint SCHOOLS and possibly other US schools, as a way of initially addressing a sprawling problem caused by […]


Why is Service Learning Important in a STEM World?

Posted by Patty Hall on April 5, 2016

The job force needs prepared college graduates to fill (STEM) jobs, and candidates’ communication, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills they learned in the humanities are more vital than ever. Humanities in a STEM World John Engler, president of The Business Roundtable and former governor of Michigan, recently wrote an article for U.S. News and World Report […]

Water Month!

Posted by Mitchell LeGrand on April 7, 2016

Originally by Kay Anderson Marilyn Wilson Elementary (AZ) recently spent a month studying the water crisis. Information was read on the morning announcements and during class students learned about how we can help. We started the month with a Jump Rope for Water and ended the month with a Walk for Water.  Students filled over […]

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