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Fiava’s Story

Posted by Steve Hall on January 13, 2016

Fiava’s story was sent to us by our wonderful implementing partner, Ugandan Water Project.

Fiava is 16 years old and is the head girl at St. Jude’s Nakasozi Primary School.

When I asked a group of teachers which student could I interview they all said the same name and pointed unanimously to Fiava. Her smile was contagious and we walked out side with huge grins excited to speak with each other.  Fiava took a deep breath and then shared her story with me.

She explained that she came from a broken home where mom and dad fought a lot.  Her father would beat her and it was no good. She was taken away from her parents and placed with her uncle. She hoped things would get better but it only worsened when her own uncle beat her even harder.  The last time her uncle beat her it was so severe that she ended up in the hospital.  When members of the community had heard what had happened to this young child they contacted St. Jude’s to see if they could help her.  A teacher from the school went to the hospital and sat with Fiava.  The teacher comforted her and assured her that this would never happen to her again.  After a stay in the hospital, Fiava went to her new home at St. Jude’s. It is not a boarding school but this teacher opened her own door and invited Fiava to live with her on the school grounds.  (Some teachers live there to watch the tank at night to make sure it isn’t spoiled like the last tank).  Fiava has flourish even since!  She excels in all her classes, with English being her favorite.  She hopes to become a tourist someday and travel the world to learn about other people.  She is also an amazing singer!  She loves to sing and hopes that that talent will be a large part of her future as well.  She is so grateful for the Ugandan Water Project and the rainwater tank and filters.  She used to fetch water down a steep hill and sometimes muddy hill.  Fiava is afraid of snakes and says that the walk to the water is filled with snakes and she was often scared to go, especially on really hot days.  She is so happy to be avoiding the snakes!!  Being chosen as the head girl was a huge honor for Fiava and a responsibility that she doesn’t take lightly.  She works hard in all her classes and studies everyday.  Her English is perfect!  She even wrote a speech to deliver to Team 21!  She helps tutor and counsel younger students too.

Fiava says she still remembers the broken times but she is close to the teachers and they provide counseling to her.  She feels safe at St. Jude’s.  She is forever grateful to UWP for bring water to her school.  She thanks God everyday for all that He has done for her and her school.

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