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Progress in Kenya

Posted by Patty Hall on March 21, 2013

H2O for Life partners with Waterlines to implement WASH projects in Kenya. Recently, Mark and Diane Reimers visited Kenya on behalf of Waterlines to complete a sustainability check on projects.
While there, they took a moment to interview several students about their lives, and the changes in their lives due to access to improved water, sanitation […]


World Water Day is over, but the water crisis lives on

Posted by Patty Hall on March 23, 2013

In celebration of World Water Day,there were many articles that featured the global water crisis. Many focused on problems and many focused on solutions. We know that H2O for Life and our partner schools are part of the solution! An article that we think is a “must read” for everyone may be found by accessing […]


Who will take the Challenge?

Posted by Patty Hall on May 3, 2013

Every day people around the world walk an average of 3 miles or more to collect water for themselves and their families.  In the United States we use on an average, 100-170 gallons of water per day per person.  The average amount of water used by an African family is 5 gallons per day. Here […]


Flying Colors

Posted by Nick Coughlin on May 13, 2013

This update was sent to H2O for Life by Valley Edinburgh teacher, Maren Olsen. What a beautiful day we had for our H2O for Life Water Walk! Plus our goal of $2,200 for the Jelu School in India was surpassed! Empowering kids to be the change in the world is energizing and mighty. That is […]


Salem Hills Water Fest 2013

Posted by Patty Hall on June 2, 2013

On May 30, Salem Hills Elementary in Inver Grove Heights MN held their annual Water Fest.  Salem Hills has been an H2O for Life school partner for 6 years- one of the original schools during our very first year. Each year, Salem Hills staff and students have added to their program.  The all school participation […]


St. Anthony surpasses their goal- amidst the fun!

Posted by Patty Hall on June 3, 2013

Last week St. Anthony Middle School completed their H2O for Life project.  Their year started with a dynamic evening with speaker Alphonso Deng, a former Lost Boy from South Sudan.  Alepho and two other Lost Boys wrote a book called, “They Poured Fire on us from the Sky.”  He shared the many hardships faced and […]


Lincoln Elementary soaks the Student Council

Posted by Patty Hall on June 4, 2013

Yesterday, Lincoln Elementary celebrated their H2O for Life project.  Mrs. Reeve’s Kindergarten class donated the most money during the project, followed by Mrs. Ogden’s 4th grade class. Their prize?  They had the chance to “soak” the student council.  Students loaded their water squirters and when they heard the signal- GO!-  all students went into action.  […]


Visit to Nairobi, Kenya

Posted by Patty Hall on June 5, 2013

After 2 long flights, Minneapolis to Paris, and Paris to Nairobi, I arrived to the hustle and bustle of the Kenya airport.  It was filled with people holding signs and cab drivers grabbing my bags.  Fortunately, Christopher Mutuku met me at the airport and we were on our way. I am staying for the night […]


Kenya School visits-is your project featured?

Posted by Patty Hall on June 6, 2013

Today we left Nairobi for a drive to Central Kenya to visit 5 schools. Sadly, we missed one school as it began to rain and the roads turned into a slippery, muddy, mess. We visited: Mutamaiyu School, Ndururi School, Njonjoro School and Matuiku School. After many hours in the car we stopped at our first […]


Nanyuki area visit- Kenya

Posted by Patty Hall on June 8, 2013

Today I visited schools near Nanyuki Kenya. During the night, it rained quite a bit, so the roads on the way to the first school were trecherous.  It is a good thing that we have a tough safari vehicle and a great driver.  At one point we were sliding from side to side along a muddy […]

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