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Could an ingrown hair derail Steve’s climb?

Posted by Steve Hall on January 7, 2013

We started day 3 at 11,500 and the route we are taking will take us to 15,200 and then back down to 13,200 to sleep for the night.  Our guides have told us that climbing high and then descending to sleep will be very helpful as our bodies acclimate to the altitude.  This would be our 2nd longest day of climbing (summit day will be the longest).  We climbed for 11 hrs through the alpine highlands, the arctic highlands, then to basically nothing more than rock.  Then it was back down to camp through a gorgeous ravine with streams, waterfalls, and a lot of different vegetation.  We were all exhausted, but everyone did great and made it to camp safely.  I had a small ailment pop up a few days ago that Melissa Arnot had been keeping an eye on and tonight after dinner she decided it was time to schedule me for some minor “surgery” in her tent.  I have an ingrown hair (we called it an Emile, because it happened to him last time) in a very delicate spot that has become infected.  She got her kit out, cleaned the area and then used a needle to drain it.  That hurt, but the cue tips she used to squeeze the excess out was excruciating!  After she finished up I felt much better, although she thinks we may have to do it once more tomorrow night.  Keeping my fingers crossed that it’s not necessary…

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