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Let the adventure begin!

Posted by Patty Hall on August 5, 2013

Yesterday we arrived in beautiful Guatemala City, Guatemala. We visited an Artisanal market where we met several local Women’s coop groups. Of course we purchased many hand made items- the weavings are amazing. As we drove along the road we saw an intricate aqueduct system originally constructed by the Mayans. We visited Paseo Cayula for […]


Having a blast!

Posted by Patty Hall on August 7, 2013

Yesterday we visited schools in Santiago Guatemala that received WASH in schools support from Matoska International, Forestview Middle School, and the Rivera girls (all from MN) who are on the trip with H2O for Life. We rode to the schools in the back of a pick-up truck which was great fun and enjoyed meeting all […]


Fabulous School Visit!

Posted by Patty Hall on August 8, 2013

H2O for Life has been delighted to be accompanied by Alaina and Willow Rivera and their mother, grandmother, two aunts and a cousin on our current trip to Guatemala. The girls have been working for the past year to raise awareness about the global water crisis AND raise funds for Nuevo Providencia School in the […]


Working? On vacation?

Posted by Patty Hall on August 9, 2013

Our H2O team spent several hours “working” at a local Santiago, Guatemala school. We found that we were not very efficient digging in the dirt to help start the process for a school garden. We did make a dent in the plan. Sore muscles and blisters were a direct result! The garden when planted will […]

All the way from Singapore!

Posted by Steve Hall on August 14, 2013

This is an expression of my heartfelt appreciation for your support. I truly wish that both of us could have the opportunity to work closely together for the water projects…

Katie Spotz shares her story!

Posted by Steve Hall on September 18, 2013

Katie Spotz, an adventurer and safe water activist, visited Minnesota and has spent the past few days inspiring youth to take action.  She shared her amazing story with over 3500 youth in 2 days!  She rowed solo across the Atlantic, and rode across America, all to raise awareness and funds for water projects for schools […]

Thank you Katie Spotz!

Posted by Steve Hall on October 7, 2013

Katie, Hello, I just wanted to thank you so much for coming to Heritage E-STEM Middle School to speak. My students were really impacted by your talk and by your videos. It was great to see them passionate and talking about real world issues. Thanks so much for taking the time to open the world […]

18,000 students come together!

Posted by Steve Hall on October 9, 2013

H2O for Life was part of the first ever Minnesota We Day- celebrating local and global youth service. Hosted at the Xcel center, it was amazing to witness 18,000 youth gathered together and committed to changing the world. If your school was not represented at We Day this year, plan ahead to attend next year. […]

H2O for Life- Changing Lives for youth around the world AND in your own US school!

Posted by Steve Hall on October 11, 2013

For the past six years, H2O for Life has been reaching out to schools to engage, educate and inspire youth to learn about the global water crisis while taking actions that make a difference.  We often hear back from teachers and youth that had life changing experiences due to their participation with H2O for Life.  […]


Water Changes Everything!

Posted by Patty Hall on November 12, 2013

Dear Mayfield Middle School, It was great to run into Mayfield teachers at the AMLE conference in Minneapolis last week. H2O for Life is delighted  to send an updated report on Murangai School in Kenya. The funding that your students provided changed an entire school and opened the doors for educational possibilities for many, many […]

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