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Water Changes Everything!

Posted by Patty Hall on November 12, 2013
Dear Mayfield Middle School,
It was great to run into Mayfield teachers at the AMLE conference in Minneapolis last week.
H2O for Life is delighted  to send an updated report on Murangai School in Kenya. The funding that your students provided changed an entire school and opened the doors for educational possibilities for many, many students.
I was greeted at the gate by girls and boys in green H2O for Life shirts- provided by Mayfield Middle School to Murangai school. The shirts that you sent to them were spotless! I’m sure they are brought out for special occasions, and celebrated by the kids who get to wear them. The students sang and danced and were very grateful for the water, toilets and handwashing.
But that is not all!
Once water is provided at a school- great things happen. The school now has a garden. The students plant the garden and take care of it. All of the crops grown are used in the feeding program for students. The school was also able to purchase a small foot pump. The pump allows them to irrigate the crops year round. The school teaches agricultural lessons, and the lessons are shared with the families in the community.
And there is more!
Once the school had access to water, the Kenyan Government provided a tilapia pond. Tilapia are a fast growing fish that can be raised, eaten and sold for income. The students are learning to “farm” tilapia, adding another resource to bring money to their school and community. In an area where families live on subsistence farming- this is a big deal!
The community is very grateful for your help. Illnesses have decreased, enrollment has grown- especially among girls- and the school is thriving. The headmaster, parents and students attribute the change to:
Because Water Changes Everything!

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