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H2O for Life- Changing Lives for youth around the world AND in your own US school!

Posted by Steve Hall on October 11, 2013

For the past six years, H2O for Life has been reaching out to schools to engage, educate and inspire youth to learn about the global water crisis while taking actions that make a difference.  We often hear back from teachers and youth that had life changing experiences due to their participation with H2O for Life.  Here are a few examples:

Two sisters from Mira Costa High School (Abha and Alka) in California were change makers in their school for their entire high school careers.   Both, now graduated, are in college and pursuing careers in International Development.  One recently participated at a “ship at sea” experience, visiting many countries around the world.  Their influence spread within their high school, and they found other students to carry the torch upon their graduations.





A young man from Boston College (Chris) began participating with H2O for Life while in high school.  He introduced H2O for Life to his college and has led several school campaigns to raise awareness of water and raise funds for partner schools.  Last summer, he volunteered in Latin America in a development project.  He was inspired to help others!





A young lady from Pennsylvania, Emily- an H2O for Lifer for years, spoke eloquently at World Water Day several years ago, and is attending an engineering program at her college.  She instituted a summer camp for youth to learn about water.  She has created STEM activities for kids, and is doing amazing work.  She plans to choose a partner school project this year and support another WASH in schools program.





A former H2O for Life club President at her school sent the following email to us today:

“I am finally home for a while. It was really hard coming home especially because I didn’t have any plans and no jobs lined up. But as of 2 weeks ago I am employed!!! And in my field which is awesome. After applying to around 70 jobs I heard back from New Jersey Water Association (NJWA) as the source water protection specialist. And the following week was on a plane to Louisville, Kentucky for 6 days for the NRWA conference. Oh and I bought myself a car. Life got real super fast 🙂

I just thought I’d let you know because the job in many ways is so relevant to H2O for Life and high school WAVE as I thought you’d be happy to know how well it influenced me. I am still working out the logistics of what I need to do but it involves a lot of wellhead protection and source water protection plans throughout the state of New Jersey as well as education and public outreach. I am excited about it as it is a foot in the door when there aren’t so many doors open.

These are a few of the amazing results that happen because of service-learning that allows youth to find their passion.  These young people, and many more former H2O for Lifer’s like them will continue to serve and are and will be change makers of the future!

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