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Fabulous School Visit!

Posted by Patty Hall on August 8, 2013

H2O for Life has been delighted to be accompanied by Alaina and Willow Rivera and their mother, grandmother, two aunts and a cousin on our current trip to Guatemala. The girls have been working for the past year to raise awareness about the global water crisis AND raise funds for Nuevo Providencia School in the Santiago area of Nicaragua. The area is home to many indigenous people, and the traditional clothing is present everywhere we look. The family hopped aboard the back of a pick-up for a half hour ride to the school. It was a wild, but terrific ride with views of people heading to work and views of the mountainous countryside. Did I mention that they started their journey at 6:30 am?
When they arrived at the school they crossed a river using a swinging wooden bridge. The children were excited to meet them, and the family felt it was a highlight of the trip. Nuevo Providencia does not have access to water- the current toilets are inadequate, and hygiene training is needed. Along with Forestview Middle School located in Brainard, MN the school will receive water, new toilets, a hand washing facility and hygiene training with the collaboration of Pueblo a Pueblo, our NGO partner in Guatemala. Thanks girls, and Forestview!
Later in the day we joined in for a taste of work at a school- but that is another story for later.


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