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Reach out to your local community

Posted by Steve Hall on January 26, 2016

Write a letter(s) to local businesses and corporations asking for donations. They love to partner with schools and non-profits due to the great impact it has on the members of the company and the company as a whole. This opens the doors to consumer insight, networking and recognition. Partnering with a school and non-profit improves a company’s overall well-being. Employees are motivated to work harder and put more time and energy into a company that makes a difference. Here is a template that could be used:


Name of Business or Donor
City, State Zip

Dear (Name of Business or potential donor),

I am in [XX] grade and just learned about the global water crisis through an organization called H2O for Life. We learned how important it is to have access to safe water and proper sanitation facilities, and what we can do to help.

I am writing to ask for your help to support our school campaign. We have pledged to raise $XXX for our partner school, [NAME] in [COUNTRY]! I am looking forward to hearing from those students about how our efforts have changed their lives.

Being an Ambassador for Water is important to me because… PERSONAL EXAMPLE of what I have learned. I was surprised and happy to learn that investing in safe drinking water and sanitation is one of the most efficient ways to improve health, reduce poverty and strengthen the economy. Every dollar that goes toward safe drinking water and sanitation yields a four dollar return in increased productivity and decreased health care costs. Our funds are also matched by H2O for Life implementing partners!

In the past few years federal programs helped improve access to safe drinking water and sanitation for millions of people. We all need safe drinking water and a place to use the bathroom. We hope XXXX (your company, business, YOU) can help us reach our goal to help XXXX school. H2O for Life is a non-profit and donations are tax-deductible. Their Tax-ID number is: 26-0338552.

Please remember how important water and sanitation is around the world.



Student at XYZ School
City, State Zip

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