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Hayes Elementary Hosts World Cultures Night

Posted by Steve Hall on February 17, 2016

Hayes Elementary in Fridley, MN recently hosted a World Cultures Night. Students and parents Walked for Water to support a WAter, Sanitation and Hygiene education (WASH) project at Ecole Mixte Axtion Fraternelle School in Haiti. Taken from their school page here is “why?” these students decided to get involved:

Hayes Elementary is a PYP school in the International Baccalaureate program.  For years our fourth graders have investigated how water impacts people’s lives. Through that study we have taken part in Google Earth tours and learned about how nations are impacted by lack of access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation. Also through that study we read about H2O For Life in a Time For Kids and learned that it began in our neighboring school district, Mounds View. It is exciting to hear that we have a local connection. 

This year our students were not content just learning about the lack of access to clean drinking water and adequate sanitation, so we decided it was time to take action. After a bit of research we decided to choose Haiti because we have a teacher who frequents Haiti to bring in staff development and assistance for teachers there.

After choosing a location our students then decided that they wanted to help a school that needed the most, therefore Ecole Mixte Action Fraternelle was chosen. Our group is truly hoping they can achieve more than $3000.00 and can get the full amount needed for this project, but are willing to continue this for next year to finish out the full amount needed.

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