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Posted by Patty Hall on March 9, 2016

The work that H2O for Life and our NGO partners have been doing for WASH in Schools around the world gave Peter Gleick of the Pacific Institute his idea to focus on getting good (non-lead) water to Flint SCHOOLS and possibly other US schools, as a way of initially addressing a sprawling problem caused by weakening US water infrastructure. Dr. Gleick played a key role a decade ago in suggesting schools ABROAD could be a focus for WASH-that we support every day! Perhaps our Water Warriors can help take the lead!

Lead a campaign to:

Test water in every single school faucet and water fountain
Identify those that are safe
Talk to school and community leaders to be sure YOUR school has safe water
IF you take this on, please share your results with H2O for Life.

Safe Water for All!


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