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Mawambala Borehole a Success!

Posted by Steve Hall on January 30

Mawambala Secondary School is a government school located in Mawambala village in the Kilolo district of Iringa, Tanzania. The school has a total of 507 students, made up of 306 girls and 201 boys, along with 19 teachers and staff members. As with many villages and schools in Iringa, the lack of safe water for Mawambala School was a major problem. Before the installation of this borehole well, the students wasted a lot of time fetching water for domestic uses, including drinking, cleaning, and cooking. Students at Mawambala were tasked to bring water to school each morning. They fetched this […]

Jaime Martínez Guzmán Combined System

Posted by Steve Hall on January 18

Project Review: The Jaime Martínez Guzmán School has 75 students and two teachers. The drinking water within the school was evaluated, along with the water source and the water supply in the community. The water tests came back as contaminated and unsuitable for human consumption. Locatation: Guazcupuzca: Marcala La Paz, Honduras Beneficiaries: 75 students Our implementing partner, EOS International, proposed the health, hygiene, and basic sanitation program to improve the quality of drinking water for school-age boys and girls and teachers who work within the school, along with supporting the school with the installation of a Combined Chlorination System for […]

Integración Centroamericana Project a Success

Posted by Steve Hall on January 18

Project Review: Our implementing partner, EOS International, visited with Integración Centroamericana school leaders to assess the need to provide safe drinking water to serve the students and teachers. Since they have safe drinking water through their supply from a community water project, it was identified that the school would benefit from a combined system for the purification of water for consumption. The APF (Parents’ Association) asked EOS International to install a sistema combinado, which would provide students and teachers access to continuous safe drinking water throughout the day. The APF has provided a lot of volunteers within the community to […]

MN School Hosts Dodgeball Fundraiser

Posted by Steve Hall on January 12

Hill-Murray High School in Maplewood, MN, established its H2O for Life Club in the Fall of 2023. They recently organized their first fundraiser, dodgeball, making announcements and debuting H2O for Life for Hill-Murray! With around six teams, including a teacher team, students showed up to play and support Mlandege Primary School in Tanzania! With announcers, refs, music, organizers, and concessions, games went for around 2 hours, with students enjoying every minute and showing their true school spirit. Lots of cheering and encouragement from all! We are looking forward to continuing to work with H2O for Life! DONATE HERE

In the Interdisciplinary Water Unit, Westridge 7th Graders Consider the Global Water Crisis

Posted by Steve Hall on January 12

To kick off 2024, the 7th grade delved into its annual Water Unit—an interdisciplinary experience using English, history, math, science, and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) to grapple with the global water crisis and the obstacles people may have in accessing clean water. “I’m hoping the students build their skills of thinking empathetically about the lives of other people, identifying problems, and collaborating to develop solutions; and I hope that they experience first-hand the impact each of them can have in the world outside our school,” said Middle School Science Teacher Barbra Chabot, who collaborated on the unit […]

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