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Cincinnati Hills Water Warriors!

Posted by Steve Hall on June 3

2019 was another successful year for the Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy Eagles H2O for Life project. The students have contributed $4,188.63. That’s over $1,000.00 more than their original fundraising goal! The group’s most attended learning event was the H2O for Life Overnight, in which students simulated a day of activities to experience the water crisis. […]

New Collection Tank at Elohim School

Posted by Steve Hall on May 31

Elohim Primary and Secondary, Koko Kyambogo LC1, Uganda Check out your impact! – You brought clean water to 191 people – You eliminated 2.04 miles of walking per day – You reduced collection time by ⁠3.00 hours per day – You replaced a borehole or tube well with a Rainwater Catchment System Notes: – Calculations […]

Salem Hills Water Fair

Posted by Steve Hall on May 30

All school engagement at Salem Hills Elementary School, MN! The gyms were buzzing with great cardboard arcade “engineered” games, necklaces, water droplets (over 1000 hand-made) quizzes, and presentations. It was an amazing event AND they raised funds to provide new latrines for a school in Nicaragua. We love to see students teaching others about the […]

FL students have successful Walk for Water!

Posted by Steve Hall on May 28

The Global Scholars of Silver Trail Middle School in FL would like to thank everyone who participated in our Walk for Water event. We collected over 500 gallons of water which was donated to a humanitarian organization collecting for people in South America who are unable to get clean drinking water. Our focus is now […]

Candy shop to Water Walk with King of Grace Lutheran

Posted by Joe Kuzelka on May 23

Play is the work of children. Often the fantasy of owning a store and using play money can captivate the creative power of children. Deciding on a cause, exchanging money, and serving candy helps empower children, both as philanthropists and entrepreneurs, to become global citizens. At King of Grace Lutheran, what started as a ‘candy […]

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