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Borehole well in Tanzania - Itwaga Primary School

Posted by Steve Hall on January 13

Itwaga Primary School is in Mgama village, Iringa rural district about 55 kilometers from Iringa town. The current school population is 225 girls, 219 boys and 7 teachers/staff members. BEFORE: The school has a very challenging situation with no access to safe, clean water. Their current water sources are the river which is 2 kilometers […]

WASH intervention for Kenyan school

Posted by Steve Hall on January 9

Demesi Primary School in Kenya now has access to a new source of safe, clean water thanks to the completion of their rain tank, which has the ability to collect 50,000 liters of water. We installed new latrines for students, handwashing stations, and we trained students and staff on improved sanitation and hygiene practices. All […]

Women in STEAM - Toolkit

Posted by Mitchell LeGrand on January 3

An article in the publication Psychological Science showed that in test scores across 67 countries girls performed as well as or better than boys on science in almost every country examined, and girls were just as capable of college-level science and math application. Yet only a quarter of STEM workers are women. The numbers are […]

Why Teachers Are the Heroes of the Story

Posted by Nick Coughlin on January 3

Here at H2O for Life we’re continually asking ourselves how we can reach educators who might be inclined to take on a service-learning project in their classroom. We do our best to make the project as turn-key as possible so that teachers aren’t saddled with yet one more thing to plan and execute…but let’s face […]

A Better Approach to Service-Learning in AVID Classes

Posted by Mitchell LeGrand on December 16, 2019

Last week AVID (Advancement¬†Via¬†Individual¬†Determination) held its annual conference in Dallas, Texas. At this conference, we were able to shine a spotlight on an amazing H2O for Life and AVID educator, Suzanne Temple-Gumm (pictured above). Suzanne implemented an H2O for Life project in her AVID classroom at Henry Sibley High School, where AVID students are usually […]

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