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Safe Water for ⁠Calvary Cross

Posted by Steve Hall on August 26

Thank you for bringing safe water to ⁠Calvary Cross Junior School, Ngalonkalu, Uganda! Check out your impact! You brought clean water to 500 people You eliminated 1.55 miles of walking per day You reduced collection time by ⁠2.33 hours per day You replaced a Borehole or tubewell with a Rainwater Catchment System Notes: Calculations are […]

Ascension Catholic Academy, MN - SLAM program

Posted by Steve Hall on August 23

Exciting news from SLAM, our summer program: Our two groups of STEM scholars are learning about the global water crisis. As part of their service learning, they will work with H2O for Life to fund a new borehole well at Lunguma Primary School in Lobule, a large refugee camp in western Uganda. The scholars planned […]

Sanitation intervention for Nicaraguan school

Posted by Steve Hall on August 23

Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Western hemisphere. In a country where 37% of rural people have no safe drinking water (UNICEF) and 47% of the forest cover has disappeared over the last 50 years (UN Food and Agriculture Organization), these water, sanitation, and reforestation programs are a critical way to improve the […]

Katosi WASH project complete

Posted by Steve Hall on August 22

Katosi Church of Uganda Primary School is located in Katosi Sub County bordering Lake Victoria on the southern side. The school is surrounded by a fishing community with an estimated population of 5,200 people who rely on the lake as their main source of water. In 2019 H2O for Life funded a number of women […]

Happy Blessed project complete

Posted by Steve Hall on August 21

In 2019 H2O for Life funded a number of women led organizations working in East Africa to promote safe water access and better sanitation services in schools. Uganda Women’s Water Initiative (UWWI) was one of the beneficiaries of this funding. These women carried out a comprehensive Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Education (WASH) program at Happy […]

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