Dokolo Kamuda Primary School - Well Rehab

Uganda 376 beneficiaries

Dokolo Kamuda Primary School is located in the Eastern Region of Uganda in the city of Soroti. H2O for Life schools previously supported a borehole well that was installed on the school property in 2014. Since the addition of this water source, the school population has risen from 335 students to 376 students who currently attend.

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Ebenezer Christian Primary School

Uganda 751 beneficiaries

Serving 730 students in Uganda’s Lugaazi community as a boarding and day school for primary and nursery students, Ebenezer Christian Primary School currently relies on piped water but continually finds its needs unmet. 

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Ebwambwa Secondary School 2

Kenya 706 beneficiaries

Ebwambwa Secondary School was established in 2010 after a land and classroom donation from the primary school section. The first class had 7 students, and since then the population has grown to around 700. 

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El Tempisque

Nicaragua 25 beneficiaries

Project Proposal: Double Pit VIP Latrines.

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Emukaba Primary School

Kenya 730 beneficiaries

Emukaba Primary School is located on the outskirts of Kakamega town. The school is a few kilometers from the main road that leads to town. The area is relatively flat, with intense agricultural activities on the farms. The site has also attracted town dwellers who are trying to establish homes in the village.The school started in the year 1994 as a community school. The first class was hosted under a tree. In the year 1996, the government posted the first headteacher. The community contributed materials and built mud classes. The government development fund lifted the face of the school through the construction of modern classrooms.

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Gonzalo Suazo School

Honduras 63 beneficiaries

The Gonzalo Suazo School is located in the rural community of Cerro Verde in the municipality of Marcala, Honduras. The school currently has three teachers who provide educational needs for kindergarten through 8th grade to 60 students. Students regularly have significant absences from school due to waterborne illnesses. Providing access to safe drinking water within the school system will lead to healthier students, fewer absences due to illness, and a better education.

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Green Land Junior School

Uganda 863 beneficiaries

A boarding and day school in rural Uganda, Green Land Junior School has 30 teachers serving 833 students in nursery and primary school, of which 200 students are boarding.

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Have Community Basic School

Ghana 129 beneficiaries

Have is a rural community located in the Adaklu district in the Volta region of Ghana. The major economic activity in the community is subsistent farming and hunting. The people are friendly and accommodating.  

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Jhariya Gagadi

India 35 beneficiaries

The proposed project will be an integrated effort to improve health and nutrition awareness among children. Availability of safe drinking water, Bio sand filters and regular check-ups to monitor the health of the students. This school has already received water and sanitation facilities. The Thar Desert of India is one of the most challenging parts of India. Severely deficient rainfall creates a chronic drought situation in Thar, trapping the region under great poverty and deprivation. Food and water shortages are very common, causing poverty and malnutrition. In rural areas, health and nutrition needs are often neglected and less prioritized, especially for females. Lack of awareness and adequate healthcare are two critical challenges in the region. Education and health facilities are limited in the desert and develop the lowest statistical data nationwide. India has a goal for 100% enrollment of children and to ensure the completion of primary and secondary education by all boys and girls under the Sustainable Development targets for 2030, guaranteeing equal access to opportunities for access to quality technical and vocational education for everyone.

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