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Busia Primary School

Uganda 1025 beneficiaries

Busia Primary School is located in Kuluba Sub County, Koboko District. The school has a population of 1025 students. This area has a high population of refugees, both South Sudanese and Congolese. 

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Cristo Aviléz

Nicaragua 74 beneficiaries

Project Proposal: 3 New latrines.

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Dricile Primary School

Uganda 884 beneficiaries

Dricile Primary School is located in Koboko, Uganda in an area called West Nile, which is near the the border of the Congo (DRC). The school has 884 students in total - 478 boys and 406 girls. 

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El Caribe

Nicaragua 31 beneficiaries

Project Proposal: 1 New latrine.

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El Castillo

Nicaragua 29 beneficiaries

Project Proposal: 3 New latrines.

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El Madroño

Nicaragua 30 beneficiaries

Project Proposal: 1 New latrine.

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Excel Junior School

Uganda 500 beneficiaries

For the 500 students and staff at Excel Junior School, the single most needed school supply is clean water. Every day, children make the 15 minute walk through dense vegetation and along steep pathways to collect drinking water from a run-off pit which has a strong odor and a color leaving no question as to the safety of its water. Students routinely find livestock and other animals already drinking from and relieving themselves next to the water source by the time they arrive. In order to safeguard the health and well being of their young students and redeem lost classroom time, the head staff at Excel Junior School have requested a rainwater collection system from our implementing partner, the Ugandan Water Project. By equipping Excel Junior School with health, safety, and greater educational opportunities through a rainwater collection system, we will have a lasting impact on the school’s current and future students.

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Francisco Morazán School

Honduras 108 beneficiaries

El Tablazo is a remote community located 60 km from the town of Trojes in southeast Honduras. José León Morena lives with his wife, Dolores Figueroa, and their nine children and grandchildren in the community of El Tablazo. The family currently uses a water source that another member of the community lends to them. Water sources are abundant in the community of El Tablazo. However, a few years ago, a water quality analysis was conducted, and the results were very worrying. The analysis showed the water is highly contaminated. This helped explain why members of the community have suffered from hepatitis; some have even died from it. Knowing that his whole family, and, indeed, the whole community of Tablazo, only has access to contaminated water, José Morena shares, “We are really grateful to soon benefit from this project which will provide water filters and training so that we will finally be able to safely drink water.”El Tablazo is small community located in the Trojes region of Honduras. There are 23 families, with 108 residents in total. This community is located about an hour from the Coco River (previously called the Segovia River), which divides Honduras from Nicaragua. The river is mostly used to transport commercial goods from La Mosquitía, Honduras to Nicaragua, but is also used for recreation during the summer. 

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Golden Star Primary School

Uganda 305 beneficiaries

Five years ago in Naggalama Village in the Mukono District there was a high number of children with disabilities who were not receiving an education like their peers. Local parents from the village came together and established an inclusive school for both children with and without disabilities. Golden Star Primary School now has 305 pupils, of which 25 have disabilities.  

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