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Jelu School - Health, Nutrition & Education


The proposed project will be an integrated effort on improving health and nutrition awareness among children. Availability of safe drinking water and regular check-ups to monitor the health of the students. This school has already received water and sanitation facilities with the support of H2O for Life. 

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Kalonga Secondary School

Malawi 235 beneficiaries

Kalonga Secondary School in rural Malawi with an enrollment of 227 students and only 8 teachers. 

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Madege Secondary School

Tanzania 521 beneficiaries

Madege Secondary School, founded in 2006, is located approximately 80 kilometers from Iringa, Tanzania in a village called Idete. The school has a total population of 521 students (271 girls, 250 boys). 

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Malama Primary School

Malawi 1,023 beneficiaries

Malama Primary School, in a rural area outside of Lilongwe, Malawi, has over 1,000 students, but only a few, temporary pit latrines in very poor sanitary condition, and no hand washing facilities, contributing to high instances of water-related diseases. Many of the students use the restroom in the bush.  

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Marion Junior School

Uganda 388 beneficiaries

Marion Junior School is located in Wakiso district in the Central region of Uganda. The students have to travel 0.5 km to the nearest borehole, down a steep slope and through dense vegetation, to meet the school's water needs, however oftentimes in the dry season the borehole has a limited and inconsistent water supply. 

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Matsimbe Secondary School

Malawi 1,890 beneficiaries

Matsimbe is a large secondary school in rural Malawi with an enrollment of 1872 students and only 18 teachers.

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Maximo Gomez Batey 2

Dominican Republic 162 beneficiaries

Established in 1995, this school is located in a poor agricultural community primarily made up of Haitian immigrant sugar cane day laborers. The school praises itself as being an extension of family, more so than just a school, with teachers going above and beyond to help care for students. Children live in abject poverty and are unable to get proper medical treatment. Often left at home alone while parents try and find work, the school has become a refuge for children. Students are relatively well engaged in their education and are excited at the prospect of a sister school. 

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Mselera Primary School

Malawi 863 beneficiaries

Mselera Primary School currently has NO clean water source. The school has an enrollment of 850 students and only 13 teachers.

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Muhwana Secondary School

Tanzania 369 beneficiaries

Muhwana Secondary School is located in Magulilwa ward in the Iringa Rural district. The school has 369 students (202 are girls, 167 boys) and 22 staff members. There are 16 latrines for students and 2 for the staff. Muhwana is a day school, but there are 20 female students who are living at the school.

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