Ematiha Secondary School

Kenya 432 beneficiaries

Ematiha Secondary School, located in western Kenya, first opened its doors to 27 students in 2001. It has steadily grown to have 263 students attending classes in five classrooms.We first arrived at Ematiha Secondary School in the afternoon when it was very sunny. We met the security guard at the school gate who led me to his office to sign in first before being let inside. We walked to the school offices where we met the deputy principal, who gave us a warm welcome and proceeded to give us a tour.

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Excel Junior School

Uganda 500 beneficiaries

For the 500 students and staff at Excel Junior School, the single most needed school supply is clean water. Every day, children make the 15 minute walk through dense vegetation and along steep pathways to collect drinking water from a run-off pit which has a strong odor and a color leaving no question as to the safety of its water. Students routinely find livestock and other animals already drinking from and relieving themselves next to the water source by the time they arrive. In order to safeguard the health and well being of their young students and redeem lost classroom time, the head staff at Excel Junior School have requested a rainwater collection system from our implementing partner, the Ugandan Water Project. By equipping Excel Junior School with health, safety, and greater educational opportunities through a rainwater collection system, we will have a lasting impact on the school’s current and future students.

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Francisco Picado

Nicaragua 79 beneficiaries

Project Proposal: New handwashing station.

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Gimomoi Primary School

Kenya 349 beneficiaries

Though it is one of the oldest schools in the area, established in 1982 by the Salvation Army Church, Gimomoi has retained a small student body due to having no source of water on campus. Most parents have avoided admitting their students into the school for fear of their children being sent to go fetch water at a community spring or, worse, open sources.(Some photos pre-date the pandemic.)

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Hlefi Community School

Ghana 157 beneficiaries

Hlefi is a rural community located in the Ho-West district in the Volta region of Ghana. The population of Hlefi according to the 2010 Ghana national census authority is 5,129. Eighty percent of the people in Hlefi are farmers and the rest traders and hunters. Due to the traditional nature of economic activities in the area, the people are largely poor. Despite their level of poverty, they are very welcoming and committed to joining hands with helpers who come to the community. Due to this sense of ownership, the community has been able to build a clinic, police stations and a school. Hlefi Community School was established in 1951 by the Government of Ghana in partnership with the community. The school currently has 157 students from Kindergarten to Grade 6.  

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Huruma Centre Orphanage

Tanzania 66 beneficiaries

Huruma Centre is part of the Iringa Diocese Charity Center for vulnerable children. Huruma is a children's home in Iringa, Tanzania which provides a safe home, nutrition, and education for children who have no family or others to care for them. Huruma has a total of 66 children who live at the centre. There are 4 dormitories for the 29 boys and 37 girls (2 each) where the children stay with matrons. These buildings have been updated and include modern toilets. Access to water is the most important issue they face in order to keep their dormitories clean and safe for the children.The Centre built a daycare on the property that provides services for families in the local community which generates some income to help them with expenses. Instead of purchasing food they invested in livestock and they cultivate crops/vegetables to provide food for themselves. They also sell food to the local community to generate additional income. They are a living example of the age-old saying “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

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Ikuvilo Primary School

Tanzania 557 beneficiaries

Ikuvilo Primary School is located in Ikuvilo village, Iringa rural district approximately 25 Kilometers from Iringa town. There are 549 students ranging from pre-primary to standard 7 who are educated by 8 teachers/staff members.

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Jambeshwar Primary School - Health, Nutrition & Education

India 80 beneficiaries

The proposed project will be an integrated effort on improving health and nutrition awareness among children. Availability of safe drinking water, Bio sand filters and regular check-ups to monitor the health of the students. This school has already received water and sanitation facilities. The Thar Desert of India is one of the most challenging parts of India. Severely deficient rainfall creates a chronic drought situation in Thar trapping the region under great poverty and deprivation. Food and water shortages are very common causing poverty and malnutrition. In rural areas health and nutrition needs are often neglected and less prioritized especially for females. Lack of awareness and lack of adequate healthcare are two critical challenges in the region. Education and health facilities are limited in the desert and develop the lowest statistical data nationwide. India has a goal for 100% enrollment of children and to ensure the completion of primary and secondary education by all boys and girls under the Sustainable Development targets for 2030, guaranteeing equal access to opportunities for access to quality technical and vocational education for everyone.

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Juliana López Pérez

Nicaragua 43 beneficiaries

Project Proposal: New handwashing station.

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