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Good Samaritan Nursery and Primary School

Uganda 337 beneficiaries

Good Samaritan School is located in a community privately founded by a well known local priest. The school enrollment is made up of 307 pupils, of which 30 have disabilities. 

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Good Samaritan Primary School

Uganda 1500 beneficiaries

Good Samaritan Primary School currently has a rainwater collection tank attached to their facility, but with over 1,000 relying on it each day, its supply simply isn’t sufficient to provide adequate water for the washing, cooking, and drinking needs of the students and staff. By adding a second rainwater collection system to the school’s facilities, we will be able to significantly bolster the school’s water supply and, in doing so, improve the ability of students to succeed in their educational aspirations and secure a bright future.

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Itwaga Primary School

Tanzania 451 beneficiaries

Itwaga Primary School is in Mgama village, Iringa rural district about 55 kilometers from Iringa town. The current school population is 225 girls, 219 boys and 7 teachers/staff members.

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Kakamega Primary School

Kenya 408 beneficiaries

It was a chilly and drizzly day just as we were to set out for Kakamega Primary School. We had to wait a bit for the rain to subside because we’d need to tour the school and get good pictures. We were able to visit later that day when the sun came out.The school started in the 1960s with the objective of educating children who had to travel two kilometers to the nearest school. They started the school with the name Ndani Primary School and changed the name to Kakamega Muslim Primary School in 1998. It’s a public primary school that admits learners of different religious backgrounds from within and without Kakamega County.The nine classrooms on school grounds are not enough for the 408 students, so some of them have to meet outside. They study English, Kiswahili, social studies, mathematics, science, and religion.

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Kalonga Secondary School

Malawi 235 beneficiaries

Kalonga Secondary School in rural Malawi with an enrollment of 227 students and only 8 teachers. 

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Klis Primary School

Cambodia 200 beneficiaries

Life at Klis Primary: Srey’s StorySrey Pech is kind, obedient with her parents, teachers, and other adults, and at nine years old, she is the oldest of her two younger siblings. Srey has a beautiful smile and dreams of being a teacher one day. At Klis Primary, where Srey attends and is in fifth grade, there is no safe water on campus, no place to wash hands, and only one toilet for all 200 students. “I want to be a teacher,” Srey said. “But, I cannot focus well on studies because there is no water.”

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Lobule Primary School

Uganda 680 beneficiaries

Lobule Primary School is located in Koboko District Lobule Sub County. This area has a high population of refugees, both South Sudanese and Congolese. 

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Los Robles


Project Proposal: Handwashing station.

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Lunguma Primary School

Uganda 594 beneficiaries

Lunguma Primary School is located in Lobule which is a large refugee camp on the western side of Uganda. It is near the border of South Sudan and the Congo. The school population consists of 288 girls and 306 boys who are all local Ugandan children. All of these students are in urgent need of clean water.

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