Makwema School

Tanzania 340 beneficiaries

Makwema School is located in Lukani village within the Kilolo district. It is 65 KM's away from Iringa town. The school has a total of 340 students from form one to form four and has 25 staff/teachers. Makwema is a boarding school, students, staff and their families are living around the school compound.

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Malama Primary School - Latrines

Malawi 1023 beneficiaries

Malama Primary School has a total enrollment of 1,023 students (453 boys, 570 girls) with only 15 teachers. A functioning water point was recently installed, however, the sanitation component is severely lacking.  

$4,200 needed (91%)

Mawambala Primary School

Tanzania 873 beneficiaries

Mawambala Primary School is a government school located in Kilolo district, which currently has 859 students (437 girls/422 boys) enrolled along with 14 teachers/staff members. Mawambala is one of many schools in the area which faces issues due to limited access to water. 

$2,100 needed (81%)

Mitalamaria Islamic Primary - Boys Latrines

Uganda 440 beneficiaries

There are 430 primary school aged students and 10 staff at Mitalamaria who both practice their Islamic religion and attend regular school classes. They are committed to good hygiene as Muslims, though other students (Christians, Catholics, other) also attend this school. The head teacher is also the founder of the school and very committee to ensuring the children are safe.

$3,250 needed (100%)

Mitala Maria Primary School

Uganda 800 beneficiaries

On any typical day in the school year, 800 students and teachers arrive at Mitala Maria Primary School for a full day of lessons, play time, and exams without any source of clean drinking water within their reach. Despite there being two rainwater collection systems near the school grounds, students and staff are only permitted to use the lesser of the two systems, which was poorly constructed in the 1990’s and now has substantial leaks. For a period of time, the school also attempted to meet the water needs of its many students by connecting the school to the piped national water system, but quickly found the high cost to be far too heavy of a financial burden. With no other viable option in sight, the school’s young children are forced to cross roadways and walk for nearly a mile through dangerous bush to a protected spring box, where the water is of poor quality. To provide relief for these significant health and safety challenges facing Mitala Maria Primary School’s 800 students and staff, we want to provide a critical investment in their water supply through the installation of a rainwater collection system.

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Muhaya Secondary School

Kenya 197 beneficiaries

Founded in 2006 under the Church of God Kenya’s sponsorship, Muhaya Secondary School has gradually grown in both student population and academic achievements, including co-curricular activities such as scouting. But the school’s severe clean water shortage is stopping it, and its students, from reaching their full potential.(Some photos were taken pre-pandemic.)

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Mwikhupo Primary School

Kenya 446 beneficiaries

Mwikhupo Primary School was started in the year 2010 by the Church of God -which is the sponsor of the school. The school began with poor, mud-walled structures. The school approached the member of parliament who put up a few classes in the school using Community Development Funds. Pupils are expected to be in school by 6:45 am especially class seven and eight pupils. They embark on morning preps until 7:30 am and the pupils are given twenty minutes for cleaning. Sometimes it takes more time because they have to run to the river to fetch water to clean the toilets . Normal classes start at 8:00am to 9:45, then they take 20 minutes break. The next lesson starts at 10:05 am to 10:50am and then the pupils break for 10 minutes. Classes resume at 11:00 am to 12:30 when they break for lunch.Teachers, class eight and seven pupils take their lunch at school while the rest go home for lunch. They have three lessons in the afternoon which start at 2:00pm to 3:45 pm - then they then break for games where pupils do different activities according to the clubs within the school. After games pupils go back back to class for evening prep which takes about 30 minutes then they are released to go home and assist their parents.The school has a well-trained football (soccer) team which has won many trophies in the zonal competitions.

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Navajo Nation: 10 Water Storage Tanks (#1)

United States

Now more than ever, every American deserves the right to stay home and stay safe. Clean water makes that possible.

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Navajo Nation: 10 Water Storage Tanks (#2)

United States

Now more than ever, every American deserves the right to stay home and stay safe. Clean water makes that possible.

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