Kakinzi YMCA Primary School

Uganda 417 beneficiaries

Serving 417 students in Uganda’s Mukono community as a private day school, Kakinzi YMCA Primary School currently relies on water from a nearby borehole but continually finds its needs unmet. The borehole is unreliable and frequently breaks down, so students have to fetch water from other sources off school grounds. These water sources are also unsafe so are treated with chlorine and other chemicals before drinking, but the water retrieved is not stored safely afterward. In order to protect the health of students and redeem critical classroom time, Kakinzi YMCA Primary School is in need of a rainwater collection system that will provide safe water for drinking, handwashing, and more.

$1,800 needed (100%)

Kalangba Junction SLMB Primary School

Sierra Leone 518 beneficiaries

SLMB Primary School is one of the oldest and most prevalent primary schools in Kalangba Junction and its surrounding communities. This school was founded by the SLMB mission with the main aim of providing primary education to children in Kalangba Junction community and nearby communities. This school provides an opportunity for children to attend primary school without needing to migrate to big towns.The school started with an enrollment of 160 boys and 40 girls. There were 3 male teachers and no female teachers at that time. The school started under a single building that was partitioned into the various classes. There was no latrine facility at the school when it was founded.Presently, the school comprises of three buildings that are built with cement bricks and roofed with zinc. The school buildings are painted in yellow at the top and brown beneath. There is a temporal fence made with local sticks at the from entrance of the school. There are dwelling houses around the school compound and each of those houses are shaded with huge mango trees. The environment of this school is tidy except for the two-latrine area at the school. The use of the latrine facilities without water at the school is leaving the area in an unpleasant situation. There is a large playing field at the back of the school building where the pupils and other youth in the community play football or do other sporting activities. The soil formation of the field and the school is encompassed with a sand which is quite comfortable for the children to play.

$8,100 needed (100%)

Kampala School for the Physically Handicapped

Uganda 228 beneficiaries

Kampala School for Physically Handicapped started in 1969, as a project by the Uganda Spastics Society, an indigenous non-profit organization. The founding members of the Society had children with Cerebral Palsy, and thus aimed at improving the quality of life and rehabilitation of children with the affliction.Sitting on about 5.5 acres, Kampala School for the Physically Handicapped is the only one of its kind in Uganda, combining Education, Rehabilitation, and Vocational skill training for children with various disabilities between the ages of 6-21. The school has a population of 186 pupils, 42 teachers/staff, and also a wide range of volunteers.Endowed with a gleeful atmosphere, these amazing children tell the story.

Fully pledged!

Kasudde Borehole Rehab

Uganda 1000 beneficiaries

With over 200 households relying on a distant and unsanitary tube well, the people of Kasudde are in desperate need of a safe and reliable clean water source. 

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Kathungu Primary School Girls Dormitory

Kenya 583 beneficiaries

Kathungu Primary School is a public day and boarding school located in Makueni County of the Republic of Kenya. This school was started in 1974 with grass thatched classrooms. Today there are 565 pupils - 255 boys and 310 girls. The school has 10 streams/groups which are managed by 18 teachers. The school performs very well both academically and in sports. The pupils in this school participate in various activities during a typical day. They are engaged in learning activities from 8:20 am to 3:10 pm, including Mathematics, English, Kiswahili, Science, Socials studies, CRE, Music, and Physical Exercise. They participate in various activities during their game time, from 3:10 pm to 4:10 pm, including football, netball, other sports, dancing, and music festivals. There are also remedial classes for learners needing extra help, from 4:10 pm to 5:00 pm.

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Khara Tehsil

India 22 beneficiaries

The proposed project will be an integrated effort to improve health and nutrition awareness among children. Availability of safe drinking water, Bio sand filters and regular check-ups to monitor the health of the students. This school has already received water and sanitation facilities. The Thar Desert of India is one of the most challenging parts of India. Severely deficient rainfall creates a chronic drought situation in Thar, trapping the region under great poverty and deprivation. Food and water shortages are very common, causing poverty and malnutrition. In rural areas, health and nutrition needs are often neglected and less prioritized, especially for females. Lack of awareness and adequate healthcare are two critical challenges in the region. Education and health facilities are limited in the desert and develop the lowest statistical data nationwide. India has a goal for 100% enrollment of children and to ensure the completion of primary and secondary education by all boys and girls under the Sustainable Development targets for 2030, guaranteeing equal access to opportunities for access to quality technical and vocational education for everyone.

$2,115 needed (100%)

Khuluvi Primary School

Malawi 1500 beneficiaries

Khuluvi Primary School is located in Zomba District, Malawi. It has 19 classrooms and 14 teachers for a large enrollment of 1,487 students. Students walk to school from as far as 5km distance. The school was established by the Church of Central African Presbyterian, Blantyre Synod in 1973. 

$12,000 needed (100%)

Kipsigor Primary School

Kenya 465 beneficiaries

Kipsigor Primary School began in the year 1975 by community members - with support of the Catholic church. The school began as a nursery school with approximately 25 students. This area is surrounded by large rocks and indigenous trees. People in the area do mixed farming, and a local tea plantation is their main cash crop.

$13,300 needed (100%)

La Ceiba

Nicaragua 57 beneficiaries

Project Proposal: Handwashing Station.

$1,000 needed (100%)
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