Khuluvi Primary School

Malawi 1500 beneficiaries Zomba District
$4,000 needed (100%)
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Khuluvi Primary School is located in Zomba District, Malawi. It has 19 classrooms and 14 teachers for a large enrollment of 1,487 students. Students walk to school from as far as 5km distance. The school was established by the Church of Central African Presbyterian, Blantyre Synod in 1973. 
The school has a non-functional borehole well on campus that use to serve the school and community. The pedestal of the pump is damaged and the pump is not working. When the pump was working it was being used by the community and the school. The school needs a new water source as learners have to get water at a distance of 2-3km to the nearest borehole.
Our implementing partner, Freshwater Project International, will drill a new deep borehole water well, and install a hand pump with a drainage apron on campus. Students will also receive hygiene and hand-washing training. Additionally, students will receive a supply of Procter & Gamble Purifier of Water packets to educate them on the importance of clean water and hygiene and to purify water in their homes.

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