Cheptuli Primary School

Kenya 668 beneficiaries

Cheptuli Primary School started in 1988 as an initiative of the community because other schools were located far away. A family donated part of the land for the school. The first headteacher was posted in that very year and the community initially built mud classrooms. In 2006, the first classroom was constructed, and 6 more were added in 2001.  Nearby community members rely on sugarcane farming as their primary source of income. Some members are casual laborers at the Butali Sugar Factory. The 668 students and staff of Cheptuli Primary School struggle to access sufficient water to meet their basic needs. If worrying about their daily water needs wasn't enough, their water source options pose significant safety risks.

$6,000 needed (100%)

Luhindo Primary School

Tanzania 656 beneficiaries

Luhindo Primary School is a government school found within Lulanza in Kilolo. The school has a total number of 642 students from standard one to seven. Among them, 315 students are girls, and 327 are boys. The school has 14 teachers/staff members. As with many villages and schools in the area, the lack of safe water for Luhindo is a major problem. 

$1,600 needed (62%)

Mafi Adadekope Community School

Ghana 137 beneficiaries

Mafi Adadekope is a rural community located in the Volta region of Ghana with a population of approximately 2,500 people. The major economic activity in the community is subsistent farming, trading, and hunting. The people are very friendly and accommodating. Mafi Adadekope Community School was established in 1963 by the Government of Ghana in partnership with the community. The school has not received major development from the government since its establishment, so the community members always come together to support the school through communal labor with the support of other organizations. Being the only school in the area, the school population currently stands at 137 students from kindergarten to grade 9. 

$2,868 needed (31%)

Muggaga Secondary School

Uganda 450 beneficiaries

Muggaga Secondary School is located in Mpigi, Uganda, along the shores of Lake Victoria. There are 447+ teens plus teachers and staff in need of safe toilets, bathing areas and handwashing.

$10,000 needed (100%)

Navajo Nation - Water Delivery #1 (2024)

United States 100 beneficiaries

On the Navajo Nation, most homes that lack access to clean water in the areas that DigDeep serves require off-grid solutions to running water. Our implementing partner, DigDeep’s, Home Water System, brings hot and cold running water to homes without access to water or sewer lines, and consists of a 1,200-gallon polyethylene cistern buried underground, which is connected to a household water system. To date, DigDeep has installed almost 600 Home Water Systems across the Navajo Nation. Once the Home Water System is installed, it must be routinely filled to ensure consistent running water access. Four days a week, a truck outfitted with a 3,000-gallon water tank supplies water to households with off-grid Home Water Systems and other water storage tanks. For its water deliveries, DigDeep uses various water sources depending on availability. They use a combination of wells and Navajo Tribal Utility Authority (NTUA, the Nation’s water utility) watering points. All water sources are safe and monitored by the state and by the Navajo Nation Department of Water Resources as appropriate, all of which conduct and maintain the necessary quality tests, logs, and certifications. In 2023, we plan to bring 230 new Home Water Systems to families, each of which will need to be filled on a routine basis. Continued support from H2O for Life for this program will ensure DigDeep will be able to meet the increased demand for water deliveries, which is a critical part of ensuring reliable access to drinking water. On average, it costs approximately $53 to make one water delivery to a household on the Navajo Nation. That means that for every $636 dollars we raise, we will be able to bring clean, running water to another family on the Navajo Nation for an entire year. We are grateful for your consideration of continued support for the water hauling program.

$825 needed (62%)

Real Care Infants School

Uganda 243 beneficiaries

Real Care Infants School hosts almost 229 primary and nursery school students, taught by 14 teachers throughout 8 classrooms. 

$1,800 needed (100%)

Republica de Honduras

Honduras 61 beneficiaries

Republica de Honduras is located in Tres Cruces in the rural municipality of Marcala, La Paz, Honduras. The school currently has three teachers who provide educational needs for kindergarten through 8th grade to 58 students. Students regularly have significant absences from school due to waterborne illnesses. Providing access to safe drinking water within the school system will lead to healthier students, fewer absences due to illness, and a better education.

$3,750 needed (100%)

South Sudan School 1 (2024)

South Sudan

Our implementing partner, Water for South Sudan's, operations teams are based in Wau and work in remote villages in the Bahr el Ghazal region of South Sudan. These isolated villages have extremely limited access to clean water, and often can only access contaminated water that will lead to sickness or even death.  WFSS works with local governments and community leaders to determine the placement of wells. The goal is to create sustainable systems, incorporating well maintenance and training as part of the installation of a well.

$4,600 needed (77%)

St. Pius Primary School

Malawi 2500 beneficiaries

St. Pius Primary School in Zomba District, Malawi, was established by the Catholic Mission in the village in 1935. The school has an extremely large campus including 7 classroom blocks, 15 classrooms and 30 teachers for a massive enrollment of 2,500 students. As the 15 classrooms are not sufficient for the school attendance size, 6 classes are held outside under nearby trees. Students walk to school from as far as 3km distance. 

$2,000 needed (100%)
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