Kabukunga RC Primary School

Uganda 400 beneficiaries

Kabukunga Primary School educates 400 students in the Kalagi community.  The students currently lack access to the most critical of "school supplies": Clean water. 

Fully pledged!

Kasenge Borehole Rehab

Uganda 300 beneficiaries

The Kyengera community relies on a borehole well that now sits in partial disrepair. A borehole well is a simple hand pump well that typically ranges from 30 to 250 ft deep. 

Fully pledged!

Kasudde Borehole Rehab

Uganda 1000 beneficiaries

With over 200 households relying on a distant and unsanitary tube well, the people of Kasudde are in desperate need of a safe and reliable clean water source. 

$1,000 needed (100%)

Katembe Primary School

Uganda 700 beneficiaries

Katembe Primary School is located within Kanungu District adjacent to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in the south-western corner of Uganda. The school is a long-established Government-aided school providing education to the poorest children in the district. There is no other school choice for these children – the only other schools within an hour’s walking distance are private schools with higher fees that these children cannot afford. Katembe is an absolutely vital school with over 700 children registered, though the usual number attending is approximately 600-650 as some cannot afford the small fee contribution (less than $10 per term).  

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Maggya Primary School Latrines

Uganda 513 beneficiaries

In Mpigi, Uganda, Drink Local Drink Tap (our implementing partner) has partnered with the community and school for many years. Maggya Primary School is in dire need of two latrine blocks (VIP- ventilated improved pit latrines) to help 513 students and teachers. The school is used as a church, so churchgoers will have access as well.

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Nabalanga Isalmic School

Uganda 99 beneficiaries

Located in Uganda's Mukono District, Nabalanga Isalmic School currently serves 99 students and staff from the surrounding community. Although the school has a nearby well that its students and staff rely on for all of their water needs, the water is unsafe. 

$1,800 needed (100%)

Ogwari Primary School

Uganda 308 beneficiaries

The Ogwari Primary School is located in Omoro District, Sub-County Odek, Uganda. The school has a population of 308 (160 boys/148 girls).

$3,500 needed (100%)

Pakeyo Health Center


The Pakeyo Health Center is a busy facility that sees more than fifty patients a day and currently does not have a source of running water. Before the clinic opens one of the staff members walks to fetch water from a well, but it is a long walk and it is usually just a few hours into the day when the water runs out. This leaves the sick patients with no water to drink, use with medications, wash their hands or even rinse out the one cup they all share. 

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Peas Samling Nama High School

Uganda 451 beneficiaries

Currently, Peas Samling Nama High School both houses and educates 451 students in Nama. While the students remain on campus year round, the water source has a tendency to run dry during the summer months leaving students without a reliable source of clean water. 

$1,800 needed (100%)
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