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Join The Well & Get a Free Super Soft T-Shirt

Posted by Steve Hall on March 20, 2018

In 2017, we took on a challenge to create a sustaining membership program called The Well. Our members make an ongoing, monthly donation to help fund life-changing work at home and life-saving work abroad. We currently have 20 members, our goal by the end of Thursday, March 22 is to enroll 20 more people. In honor […]

Bagging Groceries!

Posted by Steve Hall on March 30, 2018

The Young Women’s Group at Fridley High School in MN raised over $300 this past weekend bagging groceries at Cub Foods. The group is raising money for water filters in Puerto Rico as part of the hurricane relief efforts. Way to go YWG!!

Westridge School for Girls H2O for Life Trip

Posted by Patty Hall on April 5, 2018

Today, we were all looking forward to our visit to Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO), an organization founded by a friend of founder Patty Hall, Kennedy Odede. Kennedy grew up in the Kibera Slums and has made it his life’s mission to bring about change for Kibera. Kennedy and his wife, Jessica Posner, have written […]

Nicaraguan student talks about impact of new latrines

Posted by Steve Hall on April 9, 2018

“Going to the bathroom was uncomfortable because we were afraid with the structure it was going to break and fall over on us,” remembers 12-year-old Luis Daniel Jirón Abarca, student in the Santa Rita School in Quizaltepe, San Lorenzo. “We used the old latrines, or sometimes we went to our homes or the neighbor’s house […]

Murushasha Water Catchment Tank a Success!

Posted by Steve Hall on April 10, 2018

Students at Murushasha Community Primary and Nursery School in Uganda are celebrating their new source of water and were thrilled to have received pen pal letters from students at The Joseph Sears School in IL. Thanks to The Joseph Sears School Student Advisory Board for supporting this project!

All about Ruhija School, Uganda

Posted by Steve Hall on April 10, 2018

ALL ABOUT RUHIJA COMMUNITY ORPHANS & NEEDY CHILDREN’S NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL Our school started in 2012 with 47 pupils. It started with a nursery section (baby class, middle class and top class). Pupils used to learn under trees. From there school administrators began to construct grass thatched houses for pupils to study from. Currently, […]

All about Kyeshero Secondary & Vocational School, Uganda

Posted by Steve Hall on April 12, 2018

Our school was established in 2014 following the public demand for a secondary school, mainly considering the plight of the girl child who used to walk too long distances (20km to and from the nearby school) crossing River Munyaga, facing hardships including sexual abuse, starvation, walking under rain and many hazards.  (It is historically known […]

Visit to Kathungu Village, Kenya

Posted by Patty Hall on April 12, 2018

Westridge School For Girls Kenya Trip 2018 We were up early today for a 7am breakfast.  Our luggage was loaded and we headed to Kathungu Village.  Kathungu Village is the location of the first H2O for Life project.  Founder, Patty Hall, was asked by a community member to assist the community to fund a sand […]

Westridge Girls School H2O for Life trip to Kenya!

Posted by Patty Hall on April 13, 2018

On March 17th, our H2O for Life trip to Kenya started with long flights from Los Angeles, California for the Westridge Girls School and their teachers, Gigi Bizar and John Cross; and a flight from Minnesota for H2O for Life founder, Patty Hall.  We met in Amsterdam for our final flight to Nairobi. We were […]

Brave Girls Walk for Water

Posted by Steve Hall on April 16, 2018

On April 15, the Brave Girls Leadership Inc hosted a Walk for Water in partnership with H2O for Life.  Brave Girls has partnered in the past with H2O for Life, and founder, Meaghan Davis is inspirational. Their mission is to inspire and challenge humans to be BRAVE and self-empowered contributors to a better world. The […]

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