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Ugandan Students Benefit from Drilled and Rehabbed Boreholes

Posted by Steve Hall on February 16
Kabuli Borehole Drilled!
Kabuli Primary School is located in a village named Bukwaya, which is in the Iganga district of Uganda. The school has 210 boys and 237 girls, but we anticipate those numbers going up now that they have a source of clean water. Our implementing partner, Drop in the Bucket, recently drilled a new well to provide safe water for Kabuli students on the school grounds.

The closest water source was a borehole well used by the local community, located about half a mile from the school. Once the children arrived at the well, they had to wait their turn in long lines before getting water, causing them to miss valuable class time every day. The school and the neighboring communities will now use the new well, providing clean water to many additional people.

Oriau Borehole Rehab!
In 2017, Drop in the Bucket, with funding from H2O for Life schools, drilled a new borehole well at Oriau Primary School.

Although the well had been working adequately, the government of Uganda has passed a law requiring all new wells to be fitted with stainless steel pipes. These pipes never rust and last a lot longer than galvanized iron pipes. Our implementing partner, Drop in the Bucket, has been outfitting all of their new wells with stainless steel pipes for the last few years.

This borehole well rehabilitation project included the following:
-Removing all of the old galvanized riser pipes and replacing them with new stainless steel pipes
-Replacing or cleaning and lubricating the hand pump
-Replacing the original cement
-Training members of the school and community to maintain and repair the pump when needed

Thanks to theĀ Westridge Water Warriors for supporting these projects!

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