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NUMA System for Kankalay Students

Posted by Steve Hall on November 7

Founded in 1982, Kankalay Islamic School is an infant, primary, and secondary school in Sierra Leone. This WASH intervention at Kankalay was recently completed and is currently serving a total of 1,800 students with safe water access.

The school originally had a hand-dug well on site that was dispensing contaminated water, contributing to illness in the community. To replace that, our implementing partner, Water4, installed their NUMA piped water system. A NUMA network includes a solar-powered central NEXUS station with filtration & pumping technology and up to four NODE extensions linked to the NEXUS to serve as satellite water distribution points. This system dispenses safe and treated water all day, every day, for the students and teachers at the school.

When students have safe water access on campus, they are able to complete full days at school without having to leave to fetch water. Additionally, more teachers are willing to stay in rural areas when safe water is available at school, ensuring that more students have access to high-quality education.

Thank you to the following for supporting students in Sierra Leone!
Katie Spotz, OH
Otter Lake Elementary School, MN

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