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NUMA System Installed

Posted by Steve Hall on September 25

The District Health Office had identified Mabo Kunda and Sakala as having the highest rates of waterborne illness in the district. These communities in Zambia relied on the local school’s hand pumps for water, but the pressure of so many users resulted in constant breakdowns and conflict between the schools and the communities. Many people go back to unprotected open water sources or streams when the hand pumps are down.

Water4, our implementing partner, constructed NUMA piped water systems in the communities around these 4 schools: Kafubashi, Mabo Kunda, Sakala, and Chipundu.  A NUMA system includes a solar-powered central NEXUS station with filtration & pumping technology, and up to four NODE extensions linked to the NEXUS to serve as satellite water distribution points. With new NUMA piped water access points at their school, students will have access to purified water at home and at school, meaning they will never have to return to an unprotected water source. Sanitation and hygiene training will also be conducted so that clean, pure water truly becomes safe water.

These projects serve a total of 2,660 students with safe water access. When students have safe water access on campus, they are able to complete full days at school without having to leave to fetch water. Additionally, more teachers are willing to stay in rural areas when safe water is available at school, ensuring that more students have access to high-quality education.
– Kafubashi School: 770 students served
– Mabo Kunda School: 750 students served
– Sakala School: 580 students served
– Chipundu School: 560 students served

The President of Zambia issued a declaration in early 2023 that all institutions in Zambia should have running water by the end of 2024. In addition to the safety and reliability these taps provide for the students and teachers, the school administrations are also grateful that they already have these facilities and will be in compliance with the presidential mandate.

Thank you to the following for supporting students in Zambia!

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