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Muhaya School WASH intervention

Posted by Steve Hall on March 1, 2022

Muhaya Secondary School in Kenya now has access to a new safe, clean water source thanks to the completion of their rain tank! Our implementing partner, The Water Project, installed new latrines and handwashing stations for students, and trained the school on improved sanitation and hygiene practices, including COVID-19 prevention. These components will unlock the opportunity for these students to live better, healthier lives.

“The standard of hygiene will improve,” said student Brian O. “[We will have] enough time for studies, and also health issues will be minimal, hence no cases of missing school.”

When Brian was asked what’s next for him now that the tank has been completed, he said, “Focusing on school academics and ensuring that we achieve in life to bring positive change in a community.”

Teachers were just as excited as the students about the new rain tank on campus.

“The entire school program will run effectively,” said Principal Charles Otiende. “Students will concentrate on academics and also teachers will have much time with students in classes. Manual cleaning will be done on a daily basis. I will ensure [the] legacy of the school is uplifted.”

Thank you to the following White Bear Lake, MN schools for making all of this possible!

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