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Female latrines completed

Posted by Steve Hall on November 2, 2021
From our implementing partner in Uganda, Drink Local Drink Tap (DLDT):
We are pleased to send this update on the Mitalamaria Islamic Primary School female latrine and safe bathing area. We truly value our partnership with H2O for Life and look forward to continuing our work together.

The sanitation situation for the students was dire, unsafe and undignified. Mitalamaria had been on a waitlist for latrine blocks for 3 years. The conditions in which they bathed and used the restroom facilities was horrible. A normal-sized person could not even fit inside the collapsing stall, so many kids ended up going outside. The staff care for the students, many of whom are boarders (they live at school during the school year). They have taken very good care of the water harvesting system our implementing partner, DLDT, installed a few years ago and were a perfect candidate for new latrines.

Project Complete:
This sanitation and hygiene project was completed successfully! DLDT constructed the bathing and sanitation (toilet) facilities for girls. There are stalls for going to the bathroom, one stall has physical handicap adjustments, one stall has small child considerations and bathing rooms for feminine hygiene and daily hygiene care. There is also a handwashing facility that is filled with soap and water daily. You will see limited photos of children due to Covid-19, this school had not opened back up fully during the time DLDT completed this work. The Delta variant is extremely dangerous in Uganda right now. Due to Covid-19 shutdowns and travel restraints along with political elections in Uganda, there were several delays.

This project has not been officially opened with a large gathering due to covid, but it is available for use as several students still study and stay at the dorm. When it is safe for the remaining students to return, they will all benefit greatly from this new facility.

Thanks to the following for supporting this project!

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