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Why Teachers Are the Heroes of the Story

Posted by Nick Coughlin on January 3, 2020

Here at H2O for Life we’re continually asking ourselves how we can reach educators who might be inclined to take on a service-learning project in their classroom. We do our best to make the project as turn-key as possible so that teachers aren’t saddled with yet one more thing to plan and execute…but let’s face it; most teachers already feel overwhelmed at work!

We know that it does take extra effort to implement something meaningful and new in the classroom, even if we’ve already assembled lesson plans and step-by-step service-learning guides.

That’s why we know that those of us who work for H2O for Life are not the heroes of the story, here. Our true champions are teachers, and in 2019, you did not disappoint! Because of our dedicated educators, it was another fantastic year, and this graphic says it all.

Thanks to each and every one of you who helped contribute to those impressive numbers! We’re hoping to make an even bigger impact in 2020 as we work once again with experienced H2O for Life teachers…and forge relationships with people who haven’t worked with us before. If you know an educator who might like to bring an engaging service-learning project to their classroom, feel free to email our School Outreach Coordinator, Mitchell LeGrand at mitchell@h2oforlifeschools.org

Let’s make a huge impact on the global water crisis in 2020!

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