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Sisters4Water Summer Campaign

Posted by Steve Hall on September 4, 2019

Sisters4Water are artists and activists devoted to changing the world, one potholder at a time. This is their TENTH year weaving potholders for water and human rights causes. All of their materials are donated, so every penny they make goes directly to H2O for Life. If you would like to support their efforts and/or purchase potholders CLICK HERE for more info. Continue reading to see how they spent their summer changing the world!

Weaving Water
Summertime means we are weaving lots of new potholders. We are inspired this year by the sand and sea. Water is always our greatest inspiration.

Fusaro’s Launch Our Newest Campaign
We are so grateful to Tommy and Stacy Fusaro’s of Fusaro’s, our favorite Italian restaurant on Nantucket! Tommy and Stacy gifted their entire staff with two potholders each and launched our next campaign with a very generous donation! Our bellies are stuffed and our hearts are overflowing!

We can’t thank our friends, family, and passersby enough for all the fun and kindness during our annual sale on Saturday, August 24. Luke from TownPool generously allowed us to sell at his storefront and musician Benjamin Wagner played crowd-gathering hits to draw heaps of thirsty, hungry global citizens! An unforgettable day!!

A final potholder, lemonade, and brownie sale
We met a slew of new friends and neighbors at our final summer sale. Special thanks to Victoria Greenhood Design and our brilliant Aunt Wendy Mills for generously inviting us to set up shop at their gorgeous jewelry store on this perfect summer day.

THANK YOU to all of our friends and family who came out to support!
Thanks to you all, we have met 22% of our pledge, an 11% increase from before our sale. Thank you to @townpool, @lgutelius, and the entire townpool staff for hosting, we couldn’t have done it without your prime location! Thank you to @mtvitamin for providing the rocking tunes! Thank you to @katewilsonvoice for constant beautiful photography, organization, and preparation! Thank you to @h2oforlife for giving us the chance to have our sale at all!

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