$4,389.50 raised (67%)
$6,600 pledged
June 28, 2020


To celebrate Mabel's graduation from elementary school, our dear family friend Mona donated to our Matsimbe pledge!!

Thank you, MONA the MAGNIFICENT!! We made these potholders of her favorite colors to...

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H2o update 2921
June 24, 2020

S4W Satchels to celebrate 100 DAYS!

To celebrate the 100th day of our potholder pledge, we are launching our brand new Sisters4Water Satchel! Using two large potholders, the main body measures 8” by 8” and holds...

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H2o update 2912
June 9, 2020


We just sent out another batch of gratitude letters to the healthcare heroes at our local hospital. This week we included the poem, "Instructions on Not Giving Up" by Ada...

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H2o update 2901
June 7, 2020

THANK YOU, Professor Kornely!!

Here's to my amazing teacher who biked from New Jersey this morning to pick up this order, customized to match her racing stripes! 

On Day 84 of our potholder pledge, we...

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H2o update 2900
June 2, 2020

Black Lives Matter

We join protestors locally and globally to demand justice for George Floyd and black lives everywhere.  

In strength and solidarity, 
Ella and Mabel 

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H2o update 2887
May 29, 2020

Day 75 of our Potholder Pledge

Today marks the 75th day of our potholder pledge to support the 1872 students of Matsimbe Secondary School in Malawi who are in the midst of a water crisis in...

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H2o update 2885
May 15, 2020

Katie Spotz, Trailblazer!

We first met Katie ten years ago when she inspired us on our quest for water justice. She has been our water warrior mentor ever since. Yesterday we reunited with...

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H2o update 2879
April 24, 2020

We walked 20 miles for 2020!

Through sun, rain, clouds, and pandemic we walked 20 miles in five days to raise awareness and show our solidarity for the thousands of students who don't have access to...

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H2o update 2852
April 17, 2020

20 Miles for 2020! Our Walk for Water

Now more than ever, it is impossible to separate our health from our access to clean water. Starting today we pledge to walk 20 miles to celebrate Earth Day 2020!...

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H2o update 2817
April 5, 2020


The world is in the tragic throes of the Coronavirus. We are persevering by weaving away in support of necessary water projects for the 1872 students and 18 teachers of...

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H2o update 2815
March 30, 2020

Covid-19 Potholder Pledge, Day 14

During this pandemic we hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. Since day one of our lockdown here in NYC we have pledged to weave a potholder...

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H2o update 2808
December 29, 2019

HAPPY 2020!

From Solstice to Boxing Day, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and everything in between, the end of the year is both celebratory and reflective. We send peace and love during this time...

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H2o update 2569
December 24, 2019

Hide the pickle!

It's Christmas Eve! Does your family hide a pickle on the tree on Christmas Eve? It's a tradition in our family, and our family's family...whoever finds the pickle on Christmas...

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H2o update 2567
December 24, 2019

Potholder contest!!

Congratulations, Wendy Mills, for winning the "Guess That Potholder" contest! The still is from the movie HOME ALONE!
A free potholder is heading Wendy's way!!
Follow us on Instagram: @sisters4water for more...

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H2o update 2566
December 24, 2019

Cookie Time!!

Mabel just baked cookies (our potholders keep your hands and kitchen counters safe from the heat!) I'm finishing some hostess gift potholders. Wishing everyone happy feasting, family, and love.

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H2o update 2565
December 22, 2019


Every year we buy our gorgeous Christmas tree from the jolliest man in Inwood, Hassan. He ordered some potholders this year and we thank him for his generous donation! 

Don't forget...

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H2o update 2563
December 22, 2019

Thank you, Richard and Family!

We celebrated the holidays with new friends from Ireland and best family friends and received a very generous donation from Richard, Marchelle, and Ollie. 

Nothing says holidays like feasting and laughter!


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H2o update 2562
December 8, 2019

Holiday Weaving!

Thank you, Aoife Williamson, for your generous order!! 
We love weaving by the light of our Christmas tree!
We are 53% to our goal!

Happy Holidays to All,
Ella & Mabel

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H2o update 2541
November 10, 2019

Thank you Kathryn Kay and A WRITER WITHIN!!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Kathryn Kay, one of the most inspiring women we know! We have loved her since we were born!

RELAX, RENEW, WRITE! Kathryn offers writing workshops...

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H2o update 2522
October 13, 2019

Thank you, Joanna & Michael!!!

Here's to autumn and friends and pumpkins and water rights for all!

We love to reunite with friends-for-life!

Your global citizens,
Ella & Mabel

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H2o update 2403
September 26, 2019

Thank you, Water Ball!!

Happy Autumn and THANK YOU to all who bought our potholders at last Saturday's Water Ball! We were back in NYC representing H2O for Life at the Climate Strike in...

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H2o update 2361
September 16, 2019

New colors for fall to celebrate the 10th Water Ball!

Happy September! 

To celebrate H2O for Life's TENTH ANNUAL WATER BALL (and our tenth year weaving potholders for water and human rights causes), we sent fifty potholders with new designs and...

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H2o update 2342
August 26, 2019

A final potholder, lemonade, and brownie sale!

We met a slew of new friends and neighbors at our final summer sale today. Special thanks to Victoria Greenhood Design and our brilliant Aunt Wendy Mills for generously inviting...

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H2o update 2317
August 26, 2019


We can’t thank our friends, family, and passersby enough for all the fun and kindness during our annual sale on Saturday, August 24. Luke from TownPool generously allowed us to...

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H2o update 2313
August 20, 2019

Fusaro’s Launch Our Newest Campaign!

We are so grateful to Tommy and Stacy Fusaro’s of Fusaro’s, our favorite Italian restaurant on Nantucket! Tommy and Stacy gifted their entire staff with two potholders each and launched...

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H2o update 2207
July 25, 2019

Weaving Water!

Summertime means we are weaving lots of new potholders. We are inspired this year by the sand and sea. Water is always our greatest inspiration. 

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H2o update 2092
June 12, 2019

MATSIMBE SECONDARY in Malawi: our new goal!!

Please help us reach our new goal of raising $6,600 this year to supporting Matsimbe Secondary School in Malawi!

Matsimbe is a large secondary school in rural Malawi with an enrollment...

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H2o update 1891

No fundraisers yet.

Amount From Date
$144.00 Loren Brock Mon, Jul 6
$25.00 Anonymous Sun, Jun 28
$50.00 Anonymous Tue, Jun 23
$50.00 Jamie Monahan Wed, Jun 17
$25.00 Amy Gedgaudas Wed, Jun 10
$60.00 Anonymous Sun, Jun 7
$100.00 Olivia Myers Sun, May 24
$50.00 Anonymous Sun, Apr 5
$25.00 Cheryl Rust Thu, Feb 27
$100.00 Heidi Rickels Tue, Jan 7
$30.00 Anonymous 12/22/19
$40.00 Anonymous 12/22/19
$150.00 Anonymous 12/22/19
$25.00 Susan Finch 12/20/19
$50.00 Anonymous 12/8/19
$25.00 Anonymous 12/7/19
$100.00 Aoife Williamson 12/3/19
$15.00 Erina McWilliam 12/1/19
$100.00 Jaime Cordero 11/4/19
$500.00 Anonymous 11/4/19
$20.00 Anonymous 10/13/19
$240.00 Kate Booth 10/12/19
$512.00 Water Ball Potholder Sales 9/23/19
$120.00 Patricia Hall 9/11/19
$10.00 Anonymous 8/28/19
$366.50 Anonymous 8/26/19
$738.00 Anonymous 8/25/19
$25.00 Megan O'Donnell 8/23/19
$500.00 Anonymous 8/23/19
$194.00 Anonymous 8/20/19


2017–2018 — $1,503.00 raised