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In 2000, Pierre Supreme Elius started La Renessence, after noticing that the streets were filled with children during the school day.  After talking to the community he learned that there was no school in Cite Pope (Saintard region) Haiti and they could not afford the fees that the schools outside of the city required.  After trying but failing to get the support of various leaders, Pierre decided to start the school himself in a local church.  With the help of the community an additional one-room building was constructed out of wood and coconut front panels to house the pre-schoolers. This year 96 students attend La Renessence (46 boys and 50 girls). Pierre used to get water out of an old well. It was far from potable, but there was no choice but to give the children this water especially on the hottest days. Pierre also teaches the children a hygiene class discussing the importance of clean water.
Currently La Renessence students get their water from an untreated well.
Supporting this project will allow enough funds to deliver 3 jugs of clean water per school day for an entire school year.

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