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Candy shop to Water Walk with King of Grace Lutheran

Posted by Joe Kuzelka on May 23, 2019
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Play is the work of children. Often the fantasy of owning a store and using play money can captivate the creative power of children. Deciding on a cause, exchanging money, and serving candy helps empower children, both as philanthropists and entrepreneurs, to become global citizens. At King of Grace Lutheran, what started as a ‘candy shop’ to raise money for Gombe Community Polytechnic School, transformed into a real-life fantasy come true for the students. For other ‘out of this world’ H2O for Life fundraising ideas, please click here!
The third grade class at King of Grace has participated in H2O projects in the past. After viewing some of the videos on the H2O site, it’s impossible not to want to help some of these children who are in need of what we often take for granted, water! Participating in these projects helps educate us on the need for clean water not only for drinking but also for sanitation and health reasons. Our class has a number of ideas for raising funds. We will be running an, “After School Treats” store to sell candy and other goodies, as well as having a walk for water in May. During the walk we will be selling ice cream, pop, and other treats to keep the walkers walking. Anyone can donate to help with our current project, is located in Uganda’s Central region in Wakiso district, Gombe Community Polytechnic School.
– Thanks, Third Grade Class at King of Grace
April 24th

“It was fun raising money for H20 for Life. I like helping others. I think raising money for H20 is great for the community helping with the water crisis is a nice thing to do.” –  Tamarra

“I love selling candy for H20 because every dollar I get makes me feel really good.  Also, all this money we get goes to a really good place and I feel like I’m starting a new life for people. Also, I want everybody to have a nice life.” – Love Natalie

April 26th 

“It was fun working the store trying to sell candy. The sales are going higher and it feels good to do something for people who are in need. My head was spinning around because everyone was coming!” – Carter
“It was fun selling candy to raise money for people who don’t have water.  There was money stuffed in my face there were so many kids I couldn’t believe it!” – Noah
May 1st 
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“It was really fun working the store, but it was so busy. I love helping people in need. Sometimes I take that for granite, I think we all do. I hope the money we all gave will help!” – Bijan
May 3rd
H2o update 1749
“It was a fun adventure and I learned a lot about h2o and figured that h2o is important. Patty Hall is very important to us and the h2o teams are nice for doing this. People need this money! We all hope that our money helps them in Uganda. And we all so hope that the people get what they need.” – Bella
May 8th 
“It was so fun selling candy! I got to learn so much about H2O and how important it is. Who knew it could be so fun helping people! It is awesome helping the people in Uganda get what they need to help them survive. This is definitely an adventure I will never forget!!” – Ellie

May 10th

“Selling candy for H20 is fun because you are helping others. H2O is important to me because I like helping others in Uganda. Helping Uganda survive is amazing”! – Tamarra

When I was selling candy it was so much fun and I probably haven’t seen that much money in my hand in my life. It’s a great opportunity to help others in Uganda with their water problem and it is so much fun we will pray and we hope you will to.  Sam

May 15th

“It’s now been my second time selling candy and I can’t get over how fun it is to help people! If I could I would definitely sell again. Helping the people in Uganda has changed their life and I think it’s changed Mine to.” – Ellie

“I hate when I am thirsty and I don’t want you to be thirsty I don’t want anyone to be thirsty me or you!” – Nina

The Walk for Water

“The weather cooperated with temperatures near 80 degrees which helped us sell over $200 worth of ice cream.  The walkers never slowed down up until the final lap with many walkers doing over 50 laps carrying one or two gallons of water.  The third grade thanks all the students who participated in the walk as well as supporting our ‘Candy Store’.” – Mr. Lubansky

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