Gombe Community Polytechnic School

Uganda 456 beneficiaries Wakiso District

Project Complete!

Located in Uganda’s Central region in Wakiso district, Gombe Community Polytechnic School is home to a borehole well that currently provides drinking water to 500 people. 
For almost an entire year, however, the water produced by this well has been brown in color and unsafe to drink as a result of rusting parts deep in the well’s structure. To prevent further exposure to water-borne illness, the school’s well is in desperate need of new pipes and rods, as well as a new head and cylinder.
Beginning with the replacement of the well’s entire in-ground and above-ground structure using high-quality steel and rubber, Ugandan Water Project (our implementing partner) will perform a full rehabilitation of Gombe Community Polytechnic School’s borehole well to restore it to working order and extend its life expectancy. After its parts have been replaced, the well will then have compressed air forced through it so that any remaining silt is blown out and removed from the system. Additionally, UWP’s team will erect an elevated platform and run-off channel around the well’s pump and build a wooden fence around the whole structure in order to secure the borehole well and prevent contamination of its water. The project will be concluded with UWP’s team conducting a training for school staff and key community members that includes lessons on how to properly use and maintain the well, in addition to lessons on good hygiene and sanitation practices. 

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