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Coon Rapids Middle School Walks for Water!

Posted by Chelsea Morrison on June 11, 2015

Posted by H2O for Life Intern Talia Milavetz

For their last fundraiser of the year, Coon Rapids Middle School held a walk for water. The entire 6th grade class flooded the field to participate.The sun was shining as students carried jugs of water for three miles around their outdoor track. The first lap around was easy, said the students. But as they started nearing the third and fourth lap, they realized how difficult it was to carry water for long distances. During this time, their water sloshed around, spilling out of their jugs and onto the ground. Students got hot. They got tired. At the end of the walk, their containers were half-full, their shirts were soaked, and they saw just what students without access to a water source go through everyday.

Although the task of actually walking with water was sometimes difficult, the students still had a great time raising money for a cause they believed in. The money raised during this walk and throughout the year is going to build a well for a school in South Sudan. The students said they really enjoyed fundraising for their project with H2O for Life. At previous schools, some students said they had other fundraising experience. But it was only for themselves and their own school. All of their efforts were focused on getting new electronics, new choir folders, or new gym equipment. The students at Coon Rapids said they really enjoyed having the opportunity to fund raise for someone else. It made them feel good knowing they could help people who needed it and make a difference in their lives. Thanks to Coon Rapids Middle School for your hard work throughout the year!

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