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Posted by Patty Hall on October 22, 2014

When you join H2O for Life this year for a partner school project, we have an idea for you! Reach out to your local Rotary club and engage Rotary members to join you to provide Water, Sanitation and Hygiene education for schools.  Water is a key issue of concern for Rotary clubs around the world and hopefully will become their next BIG initiative.  Rotarians are engaged community members with a burning desire to support education of youth.  Together you will be able to forge intergenerational relationships, broaden the reach of your project and have the assistance of a fantastic group of women and men that are movers and shakers in your community. Several years ago, a group of eighth grade students from my school presented our project to a local Rotary club.  The Rotarians were impressed and ready to assist, and the students gained an understanding of adults in their community that have continued in a life of service.  We urge you to reach out- connect- and make something beautiful happen.


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