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Wrapping up the School Year!

Posted by Patty Hall on July 10, 2013

Breaking news!  As of July 10, for the year 2013, H2O for Life Schools have donated……..drum roll…..

$419,992 for WASH in Schools.

Congratulations to all participants!

We anticipate that more dollars will flow through our doors by schools that have not yet sent in their funds.  These dollars will be matched by our NGO partners and will result in $839,844 dollars that will impact schools in developing countries. Thank you, thank you for your service-learning efforts. We estimate that more than 80,000 youth across the US and Canada, and a few other countries learned about the water crisis while making a difference.  We hope all of you will join us again next year.

By now, all US schools are on break- I think!  I was surprised at the late ending date for many schools on the East Coast.  It was a brutal winter and hurricane Sandy didn’t help either.  So- to all teachers out there- enjoy a few well deserved weeks away from the classroom.  We hope you will return in the fall energized and ready to once again choose a partner school that needs your help.  Students- have fun, be safe and read, read, read.  I can recommend a couple of great books for you.

If you have a moment, pick up A Long Walk for Water by Linda Sue Park.  It is a great story about the water crisis and political past problems in Sudan.  Our implementing partner who drills the wells in Sudan, Salva Dut, is featured in the book.  It is his story about perseverence and giving back.  Teachers- this is a great classroom book and a natural connection  for service learning in your classroom. Raise $5000 and have your school name added to the well!

Another great read, also about Sudan, is They Poured Fire on us From the Sky.  It is a story told through the eyes of 3 young boys in Sudan who emigrate to the US and share their story through my friend, Judy Bernstein. We cannot imagine how young children were able to survive the years in exile and the long walks through hostile lands.

Interested in Uganda?  A School for my Village, by Jackson Kaguri is a great read.  Read how the grandmothers in the village come together to help build a school that is changing the lives for children. We have projects in Uganda!

For young children, there is a great book about water called: The Magic School Bus at the Water Works, by Joanna Cole. You might be surprised at how much you learn about where YOUR water comes from. Check out our local water activities that can change YOUR community.

We also encourage youth to “do something good” this summer to help others.  One summer, 3 brothers packaged and sold dog treats and donated $600 to H2O for Life for a school project.  Several young girls made sandals that they sold.  Students have organized lemonade stands, cookie sales, parties- and have donated proceeds.  Don’t forget how good it feels to help others.

By mid to end of July, you will be able to register for next school years project.  Sign up early, and choose the country and school that you wish to support.

If you missed our blogs about our travels to Kenya- go back and read them.  We visited amazing schools with awesome WASH projects again, due to the efforts of our schools.

Enjoy your summer!


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