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Water Infrastructure Successfully Renovated

Posted by Steve Hall on March 7

In the heart of southwestern Uganda, the Nyaka AIDS Orphans’ Project, with the generous support of our compassionate donor, H2O for Life, embarked on a mission to transform the lives of orphaned children at Nyaka Primary School. The aim was to address the critical water challenges they faced, ensuring they have access to clean, reliable water sources. We are thrilled to report the successful completion of the water infrastructure renovation project, thanks to the invaluable contribution from our donor.

Nyaka Primary School, located in Kanungu District, has been a beacon of hope for orphaned children since its founding in 2003, and is currently providing free education to 231 orphaned and vulnerable children. Nyaka Primary School, established with a noble mission to provide education for orphaned children who had tragically lost their parents to the grip of HIV/AIDS, has grown exponentially over the years. However, with this growth came challenges including the wear and tear on the school’s vital infrastructure.

At the core of Nyaka Primary School’s challenges was its concrete rainwater harvesting tank, a lifeline for the students. This tank, which serves as the primary water source alongside the intermittent supply from the National Water and Sewage Corporation (NWSC), had fallen into disrepair over the years. Compounded by the absence of gutters for rainwater collection, the school faced critical limitations in harnessing this essential resource. Furthermore, the reservoir tank at the water source, deteriorating with time, urgently required renovation. These deficiencies led to frequent water shortages, creating significant hurdles for the 231 students. The impact was not only on their health but also on their ability to learn effectively. The objective of this transformative project was to renovate and enhance the concrete rainwater harvesting tank and the reservoir tank, and to implement improvements such as gutter installations, ensuring a sustainable and reliable water source for the school’s 231 students.

Renovation of the concrete rainwater harvesting tank
Before the renovations, the school’s water tank suffered from leakages on both sides, resulting in constant water loss and poor water retention. This issue led to persistent water shortages, significantly restricting students’ access to clean water for essential tasks such as washing utensils and maintaining personal hygiene. To address this challenge, our team undertook the restoration of the 15,000-liter capacity water tank. The inner walls were plastered with waterproof mortar, ensuring a comprehensive fix to the leakages and enhancing water retention capabilities. The exterior of the water tank was painted to provide a protective layer, shielding the concrete tank from environmental elements such as sunlight and rain. This measure aims to prevent cracks, leaks, and corrosion, ensuring the longevity and structural integrity of the tank.

Installation of gutters on the school buildings for rainwater collection
In the absence of gutters on the school buildings prior to this renovation project, rainwater was wasted, a valuable resource that could have been harvested and stored in the school water tank. To rectify this, our team installed new gutters on the school buildings. This strategic addition ensures that rainwater is efficiently directed into the water tank, guaranteeing a consistent water supply for the students. Furthermore, the installation of these gutters serves a dual purpose by preventing potential structural damage to the walls and foundation of the school tank.

Renovation of the reservoir tank at the water source
Prior to the renovation, the reservoir tank at the water source faced structural issues, including cracks and leakages, leading to water contamination and blockages that disrupted water flow. To overcome this challenge, our team implemented a thorough renovation by reinforcing and sealing the interior surfaces of the reservoir tank with concrete. This intervention ensures a reliable and contaminant-free water source for Nyaka Primary School.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering support of H2O for Life, which has translated into tangible improvements in the lives of these orphaned children. The children, who once faced challenges accessing water, now have constant access to clean water. This support has created a lasting impact on their lives, and we are deeply grateful for the opportunity to share this journey of transformation.

Success / Impact Story
I am Owomugisha Clement, a Primary six pupil at Nyaka Primary School. I am happy that this water tank has been renovated. The water tank supports educational activities such as science experiments and environmental studies. It also provides water for cleaning and maintenance of school premises. It also acts as a backup water source during periods of water scarcity or drought. Additionally, I use the water to irrigate the school garden and to get clean drinking water. The water tank provides clean water, ensuring hygienic practices such as regular washing of hands and utensils after every meal.”

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