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Integración Centroamericana Project a Success

Posted by Steve Hall on January 18

Project Review:
Our implementing partner, EOS International, visited with Integración Centroamericana school leaders to assess the need to provide safe drinking water to serve the students and teachers. Since they have safe drinking water through their supply from a community water project, it was identified that the school would benefit from a combined system for the purification of water for consumption. The APF (Parents’ Association) asked EOS International to install a sistema combinado, which would provide students and teachers access to continuous safe drinking water throughout the day. The APF has provided a lot of volunteers within the community to help install the unit and provide training on the operation, maintenance, and the importance of chlorination. This water system provides not only safe drinking water but also safe water in the handwashing stations and safe water for the school garden; they have shown a lot of interest in improving basic sanitation in the school.

Activities Performed:
– Meeting with teachers and parents to discuss the project of the installation of the Combined System for the purification of water for the students
– Building of platforms for the combined system Installation
– Installation/training on the use and management of a combined system for the purification of drinking water
– Preparation of the area for the implementation of the school garden
– Implementation of a school garden, planting six types of vegetables with the aim of improving school snacks
– Monthly safe water, hygiene, water usage, climate change related to water, and other educational activities are provided to the students
– Monthly monitoring of the water system to ensure that water is consistently providing students with safe drinking water

A Combined System for water treatment consists of a two-step process:
1. Reduction of water turbidity (cleaning the water so it is crystal clear)
2. Treating the bacteria to ensure it is safe to drink

This system will serve as a mini-water treatment plant, reducing the levels of turbidity and killing any bacteria present in the water. EOS has a water quality lab at their office in Marcala and will continue to do testing to ensure the water remains safe to drink. This program has a 10-year track record of providing solutions and ongoing monitoring to schools and communities in Central America.

Location: El Zancudo, Yarula, Honduras
Beneficiaries: 199 students

Thank you to Nansemond River High School AFJROTC in VA for supporting this project!

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